Top Windows 8.1 Features

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Since Windows 8.1 is now officially released, let’s go over our top features we’re excited about.



  1. You can get rid of metro and just go straight to the app list when pressing the Window key. You can also make the search within the app list much better than default. Removing that Bing garbage helps.

  2. Dude good job. I just built a new pc and have only been using Linux for the past year and half. Since I have all new hardware, and since there are a few games I want to play I needed to install Windows. I went with 8.1 I personally think it's pretty Damn nice.

    I like that Windows is making all their platforms(phone, tablet, etc) the same, and getting them fluent is super important. Ubuntu is doing the exact same thing with Mir. I am enjoying learning the new set up/Windows, and videos like this only make it easier. My biggest complaint so far is when you have a window opened, and drag down to close it. This process needs to be sped up dramatically.

    Windows 8.1 is a worthy upgrade from 7 as far as I can tell with only using it for a few days.

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