Toshiba Satellite Black Screen of Death! (Windows 8.1) (Solution in description)

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*EDIT: This was fixed by replacing the hard drive.*

My laptop crashed, showing a blue screen with an error message. When I try to boot it up, it enters this eternal black screen. Thank God for this tablet. If anyone has any ideas, they will be appreciated.
It’s a Windows 8.1 Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302


  1. Guys the reason I uploaded this is because I couldn't find an article on how to fix this problem anywhere on the Internet. I was hoping to find a solution and then help others who have the same problem. If you have this problem you may need a new hard drive.

  2. FIX, NEVER BUY TOSHIBA !!!!! Fix it EASY : Check your cable's of desplay or change ram with each other's / Or you lack JUICE To your CPU , Or your hard's fucked up , can be to many REASON'S , TOSHIBA IS SHIT COMPANY , SUE THEM!!!!!

  3. i have the same laptop for nearly 2 years now, first time this has ever happend to me , but when i log on it just doesnt load , its stuck at the desktop screen like wtf

  4. Mine did this yesterday because i want to rollback to my previous windows 10 and when i removed the battery and reinstalled it again and turned it on, the toshiba logo and the windows 10 logo appeared then suddenly it just goes into black screen and doesn't want take me to my welcome screen. Pls a little help may do thanks

  5. Toshiba: Leading innovation my arse! I've had 2 Satellite C660D-1GRs and they have both been a pain in the arse. The first one, the wireless signal broke so it couldn't get any wifi and I got the Black Screen of Doom. My second one, the one I'm using now, has a battery fault and had BSOD on startup, resulting in it not being able to boot, boots up, BSOD, restarts, crashes, restarts, start-up repair, crashes, same process. I just fucking wiped it and now it works… how long for is the question…

  6. I have the same laptop..when it was being slow i restarted it but it was taking a long time to reboot so i just let it sit , when my mom tried to fix it but it's not working anymore. :/

  7. Sorry for the undescriptive description and my awkward failure to turn off the camera at the end and the shakiness. Apparently, there's a bullshit character limit on mobile, and the trim function? You can't even move the dots so it's useless! Haha, good one, YouTube! I don't even know if there's an editor on mobile, even if it's a lousy excuse for one. Well, at least I'm still online.

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