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In this video i am gonna show you triple booting your pc / laptop with
OS X 10.11 el capitan , windows 10 and linux ubuntu .

Disclaimer: Use this guide for personal use only. KSK TECH doesn’t encourage using it for commercial purpose. This is an highly experimental, this video is only made for educational purposes

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  1. Hi ,

    I am using Pentium Dual CPU E2180 with integrated graphic board and 2

    HDD drive (1tb and 2tb). 1st drive have window 10 installed with 3

    partition and another 2tb have 3 partition have software data.

    I need to install mac os on 2nd drive please tell it will possible to install

    above this configuration.. kindly guide me if possible which mac os

    support and send me the link and way my email id:

    rameshdigi_com@yahoo.com. if possible triple boot another os Ubuntu

    can install same system with window 10/mac os/ubuntu

    I installed ubuntu on 2nd drive with seperate partition for ubuntu but not

    able to boot. kindly guide me..

    Thank in advance
    Ramesh M

  2. Hi, is there a guide to hackimtosh triple boot (Win7, Sierra, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS) for 3 SSD instead on a single hard drive for UEFI bios? No matter what I did Ubuntu never show on either Clover loader or Gurb Customizer. Thanks

  3. Can i install mac OSx on a Lenovo Ideapad 310s 8GB ram 1TB HDD Nvidia 920mx 2GB and dual booted Windows 10 & ubuntu. On top of the dual boot , if i unallocate and install Mac OSx would it anyway break my linux GRUB ? is it possible to make a triple boot ?

  4. I have a laptop with i5 5200U 2.2Ghz 2.7 turbo and a gt920m gpu and 8Gb Ram 250GB space on harddrive to make a partition should I do this and is it posibble please respond fast Need to know it soon thanks man great vid btw

  5. Its a really good explanatory video! Thanks for the info.
    I just get El Capitan // Windows 10 // Fedora 24 working together. It takes me 3 o 4 total reinstall from the yosemite, but now they all are happy together on my monster pc!

    Happy to help if anyone else wants to try the install with fedora 24.

  6. Hi! anyone who can help me? i tried doing a dual boot using this video. i'm supposed to install El Capitan already but whenever I boot it, only the Apple logo appears. no progress bar or anything. i tried using edited files of config.plist and even tried disabling the injector and the GraphicEnabler=No at the Options part of the Clover. my laptop is ASUS ROG GL55VX. what seems to be the problem? 🙁

  7. Dear Bro Please help.. i am using HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC (Intel core i5 CPU 4210U, RAM 12GB, SSD 480GB, Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA 840M) in bios i could not found AHCI change option. I am unable to install MAC Yosemite Please do some favor and help.

  8. I have preinstalled windows and linux (UEFI) on different partition and working.. now can i add elcapitan in one unallocated partition and use clover bootloader without erasing / effecting other partition on hard disk?

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