Tronsmart Ara X5 Review – $150 Cheap Windows 10 Mini PC – Fanless – Intel Cherry Trail Atom X5

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But it at Geek Buying – (affiliate link). Tronsmart’s Ara X5 is an inexpensive and very capable Windows 10 mini-PC with a full, licensed, versions of Windows 10 installed.


0:02 – Hardware overview
1:44 – Boot speed demonstration
2:10 – Web browsing
3:00 – YouTube performance
3:36 – Microsoft Word
4:22 – Gaming and Minecraft
5:48 – 4k output demonstration and discussion
6:21 – Kodi and Blu Ray MKV file playback
8:02 – Conclusion and final thoughts



  1. My Tronsmart Ara X5 stopped working after 8 months. Tronsmart is not interested in helping or honouring 12 month warranty. They have also pulled all information about this device off their website. I would NEVER recommend Tronsmart to anyone and advise anyone to stay away from this company and it's products.

  2. Hi Lon, Thanks for the nice review. I was in fact looking for info on why my cherry trail device does not output DTS-HD/Dolby TrueHD. Are you saying that this intel chipset does NOT support those formats at all? I cannot find any official specifications around. Thanks again!

  3. Hi , can i used a 50 inches TV for that Ara X5?
    Is it good quality ?

    I bought Vensmile with Windows10 Smart TV Box Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core but it works only for 30 minutes … 🙁

    I am now claiming for a refund … 🙁

    Let's be frank here if it is worth to buy it then …

  4. Great review. To me this device seem to lag a bit when your web-surfing and editing a word document. I think it's still pretty good for basic computing needs and seems OK for the price point. I'd like to see devices like these with more RAM (8 GB would be ideal)

  5. Hi , i planned to buy this pc. one question. if i connect it to a HT receiver using HDMI. will it play on my tv? if i have tv with 60-120hz motion interpolation, will it be able to play movies at 60-120hz? thanks and great review

  6. Is 100mbps chipset limitation? If the manufacturer chose to put a 100mbps instead of 1gbps, it would be a really questionable choice that can turn away many of its potential buyers.

  7. How well will it render in Second Life? In my experience, this is the ultimate arena for doing a graphics test. Fly, change outfits, teleport to a different region. Do that without lag and you'll have my full attention.

  8. My videos tend to stutter/skip during playback on kodi and plex, even when the hard drive is plugged into the device. anyone else have playback issues? Any thoughts on how to fix it?
    it happens randomly but it really annoying!
    Love your reviews Lon, keep up the great work.

  9. DO NOT BUY TRONSMART go to tronsmart forums and read the thousands of frustrated buyers please for help and the hun dreds of excuses from tronsmart employees promising fixes that never come. DO NOT BUY TRONSMART

  10. Why are those vendors only selling a 100mbit ethernet on all these devices? Cost cant be the reason… Id like to get a future proof device and 100mbit ethernet (fast??? Ethernet) is what I got in the 1990s… I am not going back there 😉

  11. How is netflix's performance?  I had issues with video freezing with both my bay trail tv boxes after I upgraded to windows 10.  I have found that the beta dx11 version of Kodi runs much better with windows 10.  You may get a performance boost running that.

  12. That's really nice! Can it handle plugging in web cams too, since it's just a Win10 PC really, right? I want to recommend this with a 42" HDTV and wireless keyboard/mouse over getting a traditional video conference room setup that will cost a kajillion dollars more.

  13. nice review thanks! just seggestion to make explanation video about TV audio. I considering buy some audio for my TV but i dont know much about this stuff.

  14. I am not trying to criticize your video, but I think using the Edge browser to show loading web pages may be a bit unfair. Usually I find it to still be slower than Firefox and Chrome, and unless you are running Windows 10 on your own machine, you can't "compare" your machine at home.

  15. Can this or any other fanless mini pc run Windows 7 and be used as a WMC HTPC? Do any of those come with Gbit ethernet? FYI, I use an HD Homerun Prime with usb3.0 direct attach storage.

  16. I have a question: could this box be connected to a monitor through dvi using an HDMI to DVI cable. It should work in theory but I have an android tv box that doesn't work with the cable and the cable works fine with other things I connect to it. Thanks!

  17. 100Mb ethernet seems like a really odd place to cut costs. It kinda seems like if someone is using a wired connection over wireless, then speed is a concern, whereas there's not much reason to use a 100Mb connection over even shakier home wifi. At least it has USB 3 so you can plug in a separate gigabit adapter, though it's a shame to use up the only USB 3 port for this.

    Good review though, pointing out little details like this is one of the things that sets your content apart from other channels.

  18. Great review! by any chance do you know if Left 4 Dead can run on this pc? a while back I saw your review on the Insgina tablet so I bought one and to my amazement left 4 dead ran pretty good.

  19. see even tho the meegopad scored higher than this i would choose this anyday as it comes legit and licensed. ill also be buying one of this with your affiliate link lon 😀 thanks for the review

  20. As always, great content. I have a question though. Wouldn't using a USB 3 to gigabit adapter on that back IO USB 3 port allow for gigabit ethernet transfers and streams? When I have the home theater setup I want to have all setup I want to get some sort of settiop box like this (I have my sights on the Quantum Suppliers Quantum Byte) and if I place it in another room I'd want something more reliable than WiFi. EDIT: Also I'd totally try and install Linux onto it. 🙂

  21. I really need to get this! But I'm worried if it won't connect to my wifi because my old laptop wouldn't. Do u think it would Lon? My wifi is Verizon 25 ping 25 up and 25 down please reply I don't want to get something that would be compatible with my wifi

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