Troubleshooting a Dim Display – Notebook Computers with Windows 8, Windows 7

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Learn how to troubleshoot a dim display on your notebook with Windows 7 or 8.

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  1. I shut my laptop top, and when I opened it, my screen was so dim I could barely see a thing. I tried the brightness buttons (f2 and f3), but it shows that the brightness is completely up. I restarted windows several times but it hasn't helped. Please help me, I don't have the money to get it repaired.

  2. please my HP pavilion dm4 notebook has gone dim since yesterday everything I try seems to be to no avail I've also followed up with the video above nothing yet. though I was using it to play music at low volume and also my phone was connected with USB and I didn't connect it to any source of power so it shut down by itself. please help me out

  3. I was just about to replace my screen because mine was dull and nothing I tried to fix it worked, I accidentally pressed the top of the screen(by the camera) and it lit up again. Now I use a clip to keep pressure on the top of the screen and it works, saved me buying a knew screen.

  4. I have it where right when I press the start button i have to do a password and for that its bright but then when it loads it gets dark, I've looked and the brightness and its 100% Do you think its because I have a monitor hoocked up to it? and the monitor is perfect

  5. This didn't help at all. My Display randomly gets dimmer for no reason at all. I will be typing in Windows Notepad and then the contrast, or brightness starts to dim. I can't figure it out. I am running Windows 10, but when I had Windows 8 I think it did the same. You never know when it is going to happen, it is very annoying!

  6. My HP Pavilion 15 Notebook screen is darker at the top than the bottom so correct colour art programs are impossible to use. Ordinary screens are readable and the darker to lighter screen is not so noticeable. Is this a failed LED hardware issue, like the LED matrix itself or just the LED screen cable partly frayed at the hinge ?

  7. hi, thank you very much.. i was able to fix my samsung laptop just using the step 2 method..i've been searching in youtube videos to fix my dimming laptop and i was so frustrated because nothing works but then i decided to google it then google gave me this link…thank you very much..God bless you!!!

  8. So i have an elitebook 8760w. From 2011
    When i try to start it up, it shows the HP logo and the option to press ESC for startup menu. I pressed esc and it didn't react,so i shut it down and tried again for a couple of times, but it won't go automatically to windows,how can i acces windows now?

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