Tutorial – How to Play Comanche Gold on Windows 8

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(NOTE: You NEED the Windows 7 patch to get Comanche Gold working on Windows 8. Download the Comanche Gold Bundle w Patch here:

This is how to get Comanche Gold working on Windows 8.


Other Things: If you can’t take off, delete WC3.SAV.
If the game boots into weird colors and a squished resolution, make sure you’re on the first user you registered on Windows (i.e. the admin) then reinstall…


  1. Best game ever … I played this game for a few years along with tons of people we even made an event called comanche fest…. we all met in Arizona and even some people from Canada joined us . We rented a hotel and played all weekend and party , I tried all your instructions and didn't work for me I was hoping it did since i still have my pedals , joystick and throttle but no luck . Thanks for trying !

  2. As it is my website that you link to I would have appreciated it if you'd have contacted me to let me know you were going to mention a file hosted at my site along with the link to a webpage on it. If not out of courtesy just so I know who's doing what in case I ever need to move webhosts and let you know about new links, etc.

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