Tutorial: Installing Linux Mint 15

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In this video I walk through the installation of Linux Mint. Special attention is paid to the partitioning, where I emphasize the importance of utilizing a separate /home partition due to Mint not having a proper upgrade option. This video is targeted toward beginners.

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  1. Hey,
    first off, great video, it really walks you through the steps nicely. i have a big issue though, and a question attached to that: in 13:10 you said you were satisfied with the way you partitioned your hard drive and went on to installing mint. you did however not talk about the "Device for boot loader installation" option and just left it as it is. i feel like one should select a partition there…it is the only thing i´m not sure about yet, and as of now, i can´t boot from hdd at all. quick help is greatly appreciated (from anybody who can say something about this).

  2. Great video, you have explained it in very simple terms which is a boon for beginners, especially the partitioning. Installed mint14 kde on old laptop (emachines e527) & works fine. Thanks a lot.

  3. Operating System       Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 64 bit
    Cinnamon Version       2.0.14
    Linux Kernel      – generic
    Processor                  Intel@Atom N455 @ 1.66GHz x 1 
    Memoy                      1.9GiB
    Hard Drive                  237.9 GB
    Graphics Card            Intel Corporation Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx                                        Integrated Graphics Controller ( prog-if 00 [VGA Controller] )

    This post is for those DUMMIES that didn't get one sucessfull instal with this video, this is my new Mint Laptop,, thanks,,
    P.s. – this install takes about 20 minutes to get over, I've install on Laptop HP Mini Q1100 Franch product,,,,,,didn't get errors or bugs; very good tuto,, thumbs up

  4. yeah,,easy,, very easy,, i'm in on my new  Laptop HP Mini – " Mint ",,30 minutes +/- and he's opening,,,YEAH,,thank you so much,,this is really fast,,like the interface,,,seem's to have everything running correctly, sound wake at the beginning, internet, i'm happy,,now i got, Windows/ Mac / Linux OS,,thank you once more,,and don't care about those stupid comments,,of dummies ( windows users ),,they must be very ignorant in this days, they can't follow a simple video,,is really a shame,,even more posting those coments,,i did it on laptop, HP mini Q1100, france product. peace, thumbs up.

  5. Thanks you,very much,,i'm finnishing at this moment install process of Mint on my laptop HP Mini Q1100,,i've done almost like you,,in fact, i got 1 partition extra with some data, but no OS on it,,i think is NTFS partition file, and, when i creat the new partitions, i've select all partitions as primary,,did i make it right or no? cause u sad we must make logical if we have morethen 3,,and is my case,,. waiting for same help, peace, thums up,,

  6. Thank You for this video. I have been using LM15 for a while now, and even though LM17 is about to come out I am going to be putting LM16 onto my machine. Like some noobs to LM (I had been using Ubuntu,) I didn't create separate partitions. With the new install it will happen… You gave great advise and LM should really post this video in their Help section…

  7. Very helpful video for linux beginners, thank you. I have an old 2006 laptop with win XP, do you think mint could behave properly on this hardware ? Also when I use a linux operating system is it true that I don't need an antivirus/spywares ? 

  8. JtheLinuxguy or anyone, help me please?

    I'm updating linux mint 15 (on the computer) to linux mint 16 (on the usb) .
    So I made a bootable usb , and run the installation until the "partition" part.

    The question is , what should i do when i'm at this part ? SO that I can save my home folder ( I already follow the instructions in the video , and made a special part for home)

  9. Thanks – I'm going to install Mint on the PC I'm building.  I'm planning on putting the install on a SSD & /home on the HDD.  I'm a noob with Linux but this will be my first install with out dual boot into Windows.  Is it possible to set up for SSD & HDD at time of install?

  10. On my PC I have XP (that is not working?) and am trying to load Linux Mint 16
    when I click on load Linux I get the first two screens like you  but there after something different. I also get the message "No root file system defined" Now what do I do??
    Brian   bfairey@rogers.com

  11. Hi All,
    I had a problem when i installed linux after installing windows7.. Please help me..
    1)I have installed windows 7 and created 4 drives
    2)On 4th drive i have installed Red hat linux 5.7 version with the help of bootable pendrive as my cd/dvd drive is not working.
    3)After successfull installation of red hat linux(After removing the bootable pendrive), when i rebooting my system i am directly going to windows7 operating system.
      I am not getting prompt for linux,windows7 choosing option.
    4)But if i am inserting  linux bootable pendrive then i am getting the option for linux&windows 7 prompt to select one of the opearting system..

    Please help me.. and give me solution for me at karthiksaraswathula@gmail.com

  12. Thanks man.. this is the foremost the best tutorials i found in my hunt to get a nice tutorial for linux installation… i certainly want to say that the little tips you give alongside the normal process are awesome… many thanks for this…

  13. I really don't know why but since I have windows 8 installed I am not able to install all the partitions I need for instance if I create the root partition for linux and ext 4 / home partition I can't create the swap partition but at the same time I can't delete any of the windows partition as I need the two of them and I don't know why has got to be so retarded and why can I simply not create the damn partition and I have another problem where even if I install the os once I remove the USB windows 8 boots up and I don't get the choice of either linux mint 16 or windows 8. I really don't get it I didn't make any mistake I downloaded the ISO had more then 2 GB of space on my USB chose the iso with universal usb installer and went on Gparted then I've clicked on the install linux mint and I've went to choose something else and once i installed everything I didn't get the option I should have got which is choose either windows 8 or linux this is really freaking annoying I've now spent 2 days doing this and even if I put the USB in I need to redo everything but at least it boots up with the boot menu saying start linux … :-((

  14. Thank you, this was very helpful.  I do have a question regarding the partitions you setup.  I'm setting up an intel nuc with 32gb ssd to run xbmc.  It will only be used for that purpose, streaming moving to a tv.   In your video you mention using 20 to 30 gbytes for root.  That would litterly use up my drive.   Would using 10 to 15gb in root suffice?  And would I need the home partition or not?  I do not believe I need a swap.

    I appreciate your help

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