Tutorial – Installing Ubuntu 14.04

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In this tutorial, I demonstrate a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04, using a virtual machine as an example. I figure this may be useful for beginners who are curious about trying Ubuntu and may benefit from a walkthrough of its installation process.

Here’s an article on creating a bootable USB from within Windows for those of you without access to an optical drive:


  1. hi, i have question, i have ubuntu os intalled, while working it happens that screen go black, nothing i can see or works, i have to restart from the power button, can you tell me problem and solution???

  2. bruh i have w10 w8.1 w7 wxp computers and thaht wxp computer i use for netsurfing but it now doesnt wona conect to internet so its time for change it has 2gb of ram and a AM2 Athlon i hope its 2 core cuz pc doesnt reconise fuking cpu

  3. i have one samba server where i have some numbers of user who can use his data from his local PC through network . due to some consistence use i choose option from local PC" always connect user folder from file server" ; now i want to use different user from same local PC to connect file server but i am unable to reach there. how can i connect with different user in file server from Ubuntu 14.04 when i selected forever connect option of current user?

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