Tutorial of slimming windows 7 with rt7 lite + vlite for winsxs removal

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Windows 7 ULTIMATE slimming guide

my iso

programs n softwares u will required

here r my iso if u want to try


  1. Thank you very much, very helpful, if not mind I really need your help, until now I haven't been able to change the logo starORB and Brand Logo Window 7. hope you don't mind help me

  2. if want to slim winsxs folder (5GB to 200mb)
    we have to use vlite
    win 7 sp1 is not compitible with vlite, so
    we have to use gmagex (apply n capture) to make it compitible with vlite.
    otherwise vlite cant do its job

  3. (2) I want to create an ultra slim version of Windows 7 pro that I can fit on a CD ( 700 MB or less ). Is this possible at all? If so, what are those components I can remove from the Windows 7 Installation files? Can you list those components so I can try it?

    Any help, advice, pointers & babysitting would be highly appeciated. :- )

    ~ Kevin ~
    kevonroll @ yahoo.com

  4. (1) I would like to integrate dotnet framework (3.5 & 4 ) and all the updates there after. How do I do that? Where do I add them in rt7? I have the original files & updates, but just can't figure out how to integrate them.
    ~ Kevin ~
    kevonroll @ yahoo.com

  5. Hello Nilesh Tambe, Thank you for posting this great tutorial. It helped me put many things in perspective that I didn't understand earlier when I tried to use rt7lite software. I just created an unattended version of my own Windows 7 Pro disc with SP1 and all the updates. I tried to slim it down as much as I can but the size of it still came up to in access of 2GB. I have a few questions. Perhaps you can help me?
    kevonroll @ yahoo.com

  6. dang, just got my OS up & running (had to buy external optical at walmart $42) the USB method failed (missing a file?) So I was stuck with no OS or computer to find a solution to the USB problem. What could have caused it to be missing a file? I followed your tutorial to a T.

  7. 2.u can just add entry in boot menu of windows 7 with the help of easy bcd
    it will create new boot entry u can name it anything like emergency boot /win 7 pe
    whenever ur main os fails to load u can boot from that entry
    u can watch my videoTutorial to see How to boot from live win 7 without cd dvd or usb with help of easy bcd

    u will get download links in the description for win 7 live iso


  8. i have made win 7 live (ram os )it works from RAM very fast booting and working as compare
    to live win 7 installed on usb or cd , it contains boot.wim file which expands in ram compare to tiny dlls and windows file on usb
    (speed of usb 4~10mb/sec <<< speed of ram 1330mb/sec)
    it copies all files to ram in 8-10 sec while booting
    and after that it boots from ram in 10 sec so ur desktop is on in ~20sec

    2ways to use
    1. can burn it to cd dvd or usb with help of ultra iso or similar program

  9. This is awesome, using it for 4gb USB drive boot since my optical is having issues.

    Wish I knew more in depth about windows processes/services, probably can streamline more junk out of it 😀 Install AV, and add mozilla/chrome as default browser etc.

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