Tweak: Remove the Show Desktop Button in Windows 7

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Found this software while browsing the Neowin forums, all credit goes to the creator of the application… not me. This will work on all Windows 7 versions.

Software link:


  1. 1 Reason is because if you are scrolling on an open browser and you are trying to use the down arrow, at times the mouse arrow moves down a little and the next thing you know you are clicking on it and the browser disappears. It is an annoyance,

  2. What it actual does is to MOVE the taskbar or stretches it to the right so the button will go further out the screen.. its not actually removing it.. The classic theme users like me will notice it right away..

    Ofc there are people who would use it anyway.. its good, not backround app so it helps the most of users..

  3. i tried to remove it because every time i go on something, a big white box pops up on the bottom right corner. then i press the show desktop button then it goes away.then every time i go on something it pops back up again. i used tool to remove it, but it still pops up. i put my clicker on the white box and it shows the loading sign. i click on it and it makes the noise when you change the volume. please help.

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