Tweaking Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for music production

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Are you having trouble running low latency audio software on Windows 10? This is the guide you need to tweak your system. Newly updated and revised for the Fall Creators Update (Oct 2017). Full explanations included in the video of what you need to do and why it’s important.

If you cannot see a “High Performance” option after editing the registry then click on “Create a power plan” on the left and you should be able to create one. Then do the advanced settings.

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  1. Windows 10 had major interrupt latency issues, it had constant buffer underruns that could not be solved by either these simple tweaks any consumer could do or registry tweaks trying to change interrupt processor affinity and priority changes. Windows 10 really isn't made for every computer

  2. Hey Robin, I noticed you have Studio one on your laptop. I run Cubase and studio one. I ran into a big problem with studio one though. I decided to go offline so I could get rid of my antivirus software, but when I did that, it broke the license key somehow, and I had register S1 everytime I restarted my PC. Presonus tech couldn`t help me and I had restore my PC. Do you have any idea how I could go offline without this happening? Thanks.

  3. Nice video,like always!But what if my studio monitors,and also my laptop with the audio interface unplugged makes some strange pops if I play,stop,switch from a point to another a song,a youtube video or something like that?I get these pops also in my DAWs,especially switching from an 808 to another.Please help 🙂

  4. On the power scheme my pc is set to "Steinberg audio power". Does this mean it's optimized for cubase as I set that option on in Cubase. Or are your tweaks still prefered? Thx a lot and keep up the amzing work!!

  5. Great video, but I wish Microsoft gave a warning that updating to creator edition would send my laptop basically back to factory settings in some departments. Bitwig, Ableton Live and Studio One 3 all need re-registering and they contents packages redownloaded wasn’t expecting that. Haven’t even got onto putting the tweaks on yet because of it. Gonna take me a few hours to get everything back to how it was. Good job I had no active projects on the go.

  6. Another tip…. When you receive future major Windows updates, some of these tweaks get reverted, like Hibernation for example. I tend to look over all of my tweaks after these big updates.

  7. Hi Robin, after making the regedit change to show the high performance mode in the power settings, I was still unable to see that feature. After a bit of searching, I found this post on the Microsoft site: Does the information in this post (moving the slider on the power icon in the taskbar to Best Performance) accomplish the same thing?

  8. Great summary Robin. Some laptops also will allow users to disable EIST, c-states, and SST but may lock out highest speed CPU clocks; maybe worth experimenting with depending on laptop.

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