Tweaking Windows 8.1 For Audio and Music Production

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The secret sauce of the audio PC builder, here are our tweaks for Windows 8.1 to get your system humming along nicely. To be honest Windows 8 doesn’t need much help, it works pretty well out of the box provided you have the right sort of hardware in the first place.

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  1. To be honest, It won't make too much difference if you try to change the BIOS to improve your CPU performance. If your cpu is slow, perhaps the best way is just change a fast one.

  2. 1st let me say a big thank you for making it easy for people not so tech savvy, 2nd I haven't come across anyone with this particular method of boosting Windows platform. A Big Big thank you and A Big God bless. Keep up the execellent work. ( you're the best) at what you do.

  3. Turn off Diplay=never ?, and Time Sync = off ?, the most what is shown here is unnecessary and Parking Cores it makes no more Performance, cache on same Drive, like C: is not optimized better on RAMDrive or other second Drive on first Partition.

  4. Thanks. Looks like these suggestions may have cleared up the snap, crackle & pop issues. CPU was only at 20% running some high-powered plugins on an i7 so I suspected it was some kind of disk/memory interference. Noticing the difference immediately.

  5. I would love if you could do a similar video to this for windows 10 for anything that might have changed, i couldn't find the dec35 thing still an awesome video thanks for the useful information.

  6. Just discovered you ( should be ashamed cos I go back to electronics and music maker! issue 1) thanks soooo much for your vids, I use the Windows 10 O/S and Sonar Platinum (well I like it) and I modified a few things from this 8.1 vid to suit. The glitches I had seem to have gone away. All good so keep up the ex work!
    Just an afterthought but you could do an update to this vid cos win 10 hides a lot of stuff that should be easier to find. Musoes don't always have the time to explore _ seek and tweak.

  7. Disabling CPU Thermal Monitoring is just plain stupid. It doesn't matter how well your CPU cooling system works – fans can, (and do), fail, and if bad things happen to your cooling while the processor is under full load you can very quickly end up with a burned out CPU. There are easier ways to prevent processor throttling from inside Windows, let the BIOS do it's job – part of which is to protect the hardware from users who are clueless….

  8. Thank you sooo much! My USB-Interface always produced crackels and i spent hours of trying to get it working properly. Now i did some of the things you recommended and it works perfectly fine! I'm so happy right now

  9. Great video as usual, thank you! As I am not a computer wizard, I can't seem get my computer to update to Windows 10. I re-watched this video to see if I messed something up under the hood and I'm still stuck. Just a quick question and please forgive my ignorance; could one of these steps mess up my updating? Thanks in advance!

  10. Hlo thank you for the excellent video !
     I dont need to change the option hyper threading before installing Operating System ?
    (That's what I remember from optimization process back then in windows xp;-)

  11. Hey I have 8gb of ram I was wondering what amount of virtual ram should I set it to , some people suggest to multiply it by 1.5 times , and your suggesting to set it at 4048 , Really confused !

  12. Dear Molten Music Technology Guy!
    I recently got a macbook pro in its highest configuration to get started in music production and live music with ableton live and ableton push. I also wanted a laptop which could replace my desktop pc for decent video editing in adobe after effects and premiere. Now the macbook is an awesome device, no doubt. It is fast, it has core audio. it is silent. has a very good battery life.
    But I keep thinking if I should give it back, because I miss windows because of compatibility with other users, workflow and also a little gaming.
    Is the "Dell XPS 15" for example a good windows pendant for music production? Will you have troble with drivers (asio) or latency? I want to use ableton with ableton push, two Kaoss Pad 3's which shall act as a midi effects controller for ableton, an audio interface (maybe focusrite scarlet), a keyboard (with own sounds,maybe not midi at all), a microphone.
    Now the dell seems good, it has almost the same components as the macbook, but I'm scared a windows machine fails with my musical ambitions, or at least that I have trouble when I set up my setup on stage. Do I have to pay attention to the order in which I plug my devices in with windows? (I think in some "surface session" you mentioned, that it worked perfectly when you just plugged everything in, but sometimes it just doesnt).
    Regards! 😉

  13. thinking of acquiring the surface pro 3 before school starts in september for jazz, part of the course will be recording which I would like to use it for. I notice you have many videos FOR the surface pro 3. Can what you are doing in this video, be done on the surface pro 3, and if so, would this actually prevent the throtteling issues found with the i7 and i5 versions?
    email me:

  14. You have no idea how happy I am I found this.
    I had problems with EMI-noise in my RME 9632, and after making the bios-changes etc you recommended the noise is gone!! Can't believe it right now. But my guess is that the power saving features, etc might be where the problem was. THANK YOU!!

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