Ubuntu ❤ GNOME… I’m still in SHOCK

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GNOME will be the default desktop environment come the release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I’m floored. Sources:

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  1. Unity was more trouble than its worth, gnome is first-class wayland and life is going to get a whole lot better for gaming (and everything else) on linux thanks to the most popular distro out there finally getting their fucking shit together and just using a stable and usable DE thats fronting the most stable and promising new display protocol (wayland) with ever-rising support for an overdue successor to openGl from Khronos (Vulkan)

  2. I'm excited for the change as a GNOME user. You did make some good points… What will happen to gaming on Ubuntu if it comes with Wayland? Something I never thought about because I personally do not game on Linux.

  3. Finding common grounds is good, but in this case the ground is badly designed.

    Switching between windows in GNOME is painful, and all those animations are very distracting. For serious workflow like video editing, where you need various things open, that's just disgusting.

    Those decisions weren't the result of fragmentation, but of stubbornness. I would recommend any other desktop environment before GNOME, because at least those do the basic thing of switching between applications well.

  4. Yep their effort was seen as fragmentation. I like unity over other desktop enviorments that have tried to go "convergience" or whatever… guess I got used to it over gnome 3 shell and KDE makes me tweak so much that I don't get anything done xD
    hopefully they can also fix wayland if MIR have major project problems.. BTW Wayland is shipping in Fedora 25 and 26 alpha

  5. Unity and Gnome 3 are both crap, and Cinnamon has not matured yet. Use MATE. It works and works well. As it turns out, the desktop didn't really need to be rethought and reinvented after all. I've known that all along.

  6. I like this not because I like Gnome (I actually don't like Gnome) but because of conformity. I feel like using Mir + Unity for one of the most common Linux distros would make things even more fragmented and would mess with other distros when it comes to gaming, especially since Ubuntu is the supported distro for stuff like Steam for example.

  7. I really wish instead of investing in unity they would have thrown everything and the kitchen sink on getting steam and windows games to run on Ubuntu. Things would have been very different now if we could have had overwatch or fallout 4 to run natively on linux. I just can't stand these people that want to high jack everything we love to "innovative" some terrible idea when the answer is right there in front of them. Whatever happened to the 80/20 rule anyways?

  8. I think this is a good move. Gnome might not be the most likeable WM now and wayland might be a bit buggy, but, give it a year or two with Ubuntu contributing and we all will win from this no matter what distro we use.

  9. I honestly think ubuntu would be best served to roll back to the classic gnome default so they can keep it simple while they work to bring innovative software to the table. Gnome 3 is ugly and made me quit gnome for the foreseeable future because corporate heads think its the look of the future kinda like what microsoft did with that metro garbage in windows 8 that just blew whale dick. Also ubuntu takes seriously stupid risks like systemd and other nameless and controversial money making moves which is why I don't like ubuntu.

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