1. Thank you! Worked as described. However I did get a notice my password no longer matched my "Key Ring" password and I couldn't login to change that so I need to reset a lost Key Ring password. Don't know what it is or does but I can still upgrade and download and install updates so it must not be too important.

    Make a video on that one if you haven't already. Much appreciated! RTP

  2. Pleaase heeelp!!

    enter to recovery mode (done)
    root –> type mount -n -o remount,rw/ (is also done)
    but when I type the command passwd hela ,

    it displays bash: passwd: command not found.

    what do I do???

  3. Just got done building a pc from spare parts but due to not having Windows I opted for my old pc's Ubuntu OS (which I haven't used for the past 2 yrs) and I completely forgot my account's password. Needless to say you made my day 🙂

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