Ubuntu 12.04 Terminal Tutorial #1

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This tutorial goes through the beginning methods needed to navigate Linux through a Ubuntu terminal. Commands such as list and change directory will be among other commands explained in this tutorial.


  1. This was a very good tutorial… Very easy to keep up with. I know  the basics, it's similar to Android Terminal, but I wish I had initially found and learned from this video instead of learning by trial and error. lol

  2. great tutorial. very helpful, but here ya go- OO BUN TOO, and also this is a / BACKSLASH, not Backsplash? Like behind a sink in a kitchen. Very distracting. Along with gooey. Try just saying G U I.

  3. suppose i want to use a command that i,ve entered in the terminal couple of commands ago..in Windows command prompt i can access those commands by using the arrow keys…is there any shortcut for that in terminal?..forgive my faulty english.thanks in advance

  4. So i'll answer your linux concerns. To get to the terminal, a simple short cut is ctrl+alt+t and vuala! As far as creating a root account in Ubuntu…many people including me do not feel it is necessary because in Ubuntu we have a "sudo" command. However, the command to activate a root account is "sudo passwd root". Good luck with the "wild goose chase"!

  5. How do I install flash. create a root user and run a command. How do I create a root user? start the terminal and urn this. Where is the terminal? on and on and on ……

  6. It may be useful to note that typing "cd" followed by nothing automatically changes to home. So typing "cd ~" like you did in the video is unnecessary. I've no doubt you're already aware of this, and it only saves 1 character, but I just thought I'd let everyone else know. Thanks for the video, by the way.

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