[Ubuntu 12.04 vs. Windows 7] Boot up, launch web browser, shut down

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A little comparison a between Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7.
* Speed and fluency during boot; From boot screen to a fully loaded desktop.
* Speed when launching a web browser; Less accurate as I used different web browsers. Feel free to ignore :p
* Speed and fluency of shutdown; From hitting the shut down button until the system powering off.

AMD FX-6100; 6-core 3.3GHz
NVidia GT 430; 1GB video memory

Both Windows and Ubuntu have intensively been used daily for 2…


  1. The garbage collectors (which is what clears up space in the RAM when it's no longer needed) doesn't usually do a very good job, though. So basically you're both right, in a way.
    Just a little note: The RAM usage displayed in stuff like Task Manager is an estimate, and is far from accurate. There is no accurate way to measure RAM usage.

  2. They are Windows' fault, though, depending how you look at it. Due to the mess that Windows is, developers can find no better way to do what they need to do than to spam de user with anoying messages and questions. And the disk check, too, is Windows' fault, seeing as it happens every time I boot into Windows after having previously started Ubuntu, which I can tell you doesn't damage the file system.

  3. sadly windows clogs up the RAM if you run it for too long, causing your games and stuff to have severe fps drops almost all the time, forcing you to restart your computer or play on a lower graphics setting. Life is a compromise so are operating systems but for this specific problem I found that a program called RAMMap allows me to clear the clog without restarting the computer. Pretty silly that windows doesn't do this by itself while running programs but rather that than not playing my games

  4. Yes its true that SSD speeds up a lot. a bit of research shows -62% time for windows while Ubuntu might go as lo was 5 seconds without optimization.
    so for me it would be 22 seconds vs 5 seconds,
    boot wise Ubuntu(12.10) vs Windows 7, Ubuntu would win.
    but I cannot say for sure, considering the fact that every computer is different my math could be off by several seconds.

    Another thing is Firefox is not optimized for windows at all, Chrome is a lot better just like Firefox is for Ubuntu.

  5. 3 seconds is only possible with an SSD. It already takes 3 seconds just to start Xorg. None of the boot speeds where optimised, to keep the comparison fair. I know they could have been optimised, but that would be an unfair comparison. Anyway, I don't need Windows 😛

  6. 2:21 minutes to start windows?
    Mine starts in 51 seconds and it takes 59 seconds for the desktop to get fully responsive.
    I could speed up the boot even more if I wanted to but I want to have a bit of time to go to the bathroom in the morning lol.

    Windows aside, I have dual boot with Ubuntu and I know for a fact you can get Ubuntu to start fast, like really really fast on an HDD. A friend of mine reported 3 seconds after editing the Ubuntu kernel.

  7. Everything's faster on Ubuntu 😉
    Logging in (doesn't start like a 100 progams in the background and slow it all down, no stupid notifications, no problem solving that windows won't solve anyways, etc.)
    Connecting to the internet -> as soon as you're logged in you have internet connection, takes longer on windows 7.
    Opening the browser, obviously, a lot faster on ubuntu also the page somehow loads a lot faster.
    And thousand more things…(And this with an 2.3 Ghz dualcore processor)

  8. That's what I said. Intensive daily use. There's a lot of software and modifications on there. But the same counts for Ubuntu, and fact is that Ubuntu has lost less of its speed than Windows, appart from a dramatic increase in boot time.

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