Ubuntu 12.10 Multi Gestures (Pt) – Tutorial Link in English

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Todos os créditos vão para dgraziotin.
All credits go to dgraziotin.
Example of multi gestures customization on Ubuntu 12.10. See the link for more information.


For all those who liked the gestures, I used the following code for touchegg.conf :

I have no idea what happened, but I formated my HD…


  1. Ola Douglas, eu tenho um notebook similar ao seu, tou com ubuntu 14.04. A coisa anda mas eu queria perguntar para voce se consiguio configurar gestos particulares para uma aplicacao.

    Por exemplo no caso do firefox ou qualquer navegador: drag two fingers right => send keys: alt + left
    emulando asim o comportamento do safari no macos x.

  2. I did not change keyboard layout. We are addind features to the touchpad.

    ~/.config/touchegg is a path to the directory, in this case, it is accessing touchegg. The same for autostart.

    To create a desktop file, just open the dash (windows or super button) and type gedit. Put the code there and save as touchegg.desktop.

  3. u dont need to change the keyboard layout. The idea is to make the multitouch gestures better.
    .conf is a hiden folder.
    Just copy and paste the commands. If asks for fakeroot, just use sudo.

    This tutorial is to do the following:
    – take unity source
    – take off unity gestures
    – compile it
    – install touchegg
    – configure touchegg
    – make a startup for touchegg
    That's it folks !

  4. .desktop file
    – were you told that no programs were upgraded, installed, or removed while repacking unity?
    – do you really have to change the keyboard layout?

  5. So I have been doing some research into ubuntu, and I have now learned that the dot before a folder makes it hidden and how to become root. But I am still not able to get multitouch gestures. All I can do is tap with two fingers and scroll with two fingers. I know my touchpad can support at least three fingers since i was able to use three fingers on windows. As a result, I don't think I have applied touchegg correctly.
    I still have these concerns:
    – how do you create a…

  6. I tried repacking unity again, but once I installed, i was told that nothing changed. As in the nothing got installed, upgraded, or removed. have i not changed unity correctly?

  7. Thank you very much for helping out. So I still have some questions:
    – What is the point in changing the key board layout to mac? did you do it?
    – I don't understand what ~/.config/touchegg means. is .conf a directory? same question for ~/.config/autostart. (in the link he uses config rather than conf)
    – and how do i create a .desktop file?


  8. which name is touchegg.conf. In the file u can copy and past what u have in the website.
    Just to be sure it will work, copy the file to ~/.conf/touchegg

    the desktop file u should put in /.conf/autostart if there is no folder called autostart u can creat it. There u create a file and give a name touchegg.desktop. Open de file and paste the information in the website.
    If u want to know if touchegg is working, open terminal and type: sudo touchegg.

  9. Hey Tony,

    You must follow the instructions in the website. If it asks for fakeroot (it happened to me) you just put the same command, but using sudo. Example:

    Instead of dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -nc
    you use sudo dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -nc

    After u finish everything you should open the terminal, type sudo nautilus. It will open the windows file manager there u go to /usr/share/ touchegg if the folder is not there u can create one called touchegg. There u creat a file which name is ..

  10. Oh and additionally, after following the steps, incorrectly most likely, two finger scrolling still works. I am bewildered by this because I thought after re-building the unity packages and installing them, I would not have any multitouch functionality. Not sure which stepped i messed up at. and to rebuild i used the command sudo apt-get install fakeroot. Was I correct in doing so? Lastly, I am running on a Dell Inspiron N5110 64 bit computer dual booted alongside windows 7.

  11. Hey there Doug, I have been trying to install this as well by following the link in the description. However, since I am not very well versed in linux commands, I am finding it somewhat difficult. These are my concerns:
    1-do I have to switch the keys?
    2-what do ~/.config and ~/.xmodmap mean?
    3-how do i create the touchegg.desktop file?
    where do i place the .desktop and .conf files? (i believe understanding 2 will help here)

    Thank you in advance!

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