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It’s our review of Ubuntu 12.10, we explain our love hate relationship with Canonical’s latest release. Plus the new tricks under the hood introduced in Quantal Quetzal, and if this a “must” upgrade, or a must pass. Tune in to find out!

Plus: We’ll explain Kernel team’s Brew HaHa! with Nvidia this week, the Linux Foundations workaround for SecureBoot, some big changes for Arch users…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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  1. I've tried the llvmpipe and on my relatively high-end machine with an i5 processor it uses a lot of CPU power. I'm talking Unity taking up 75% CPU and it idling at 80 degrees.
    If anyone has a 2d-only machine with Ubuntu I would like to hear what using the llvmpipe is like for you. Does it heat up or use a lot of processing power?

  2. Chris, I find topics in the linux action show great, its an awesome show, thumbs up, really. I just have one terrible complaint … please stop agreeing with each other so much, seriously … we all know you are prepared for the show. Matt's "oh yeah amazings" just dont work in my opinion. Rather add something constructive or negative or … anything :). I much prefer the casual talk style of coder radio. But that's just me.

  3. >> You could do most of this crap in 9.04 including web apps short-cuts.
    Create custom desktop shortcuts in Ubuntu was removed when Unity came out , and then they added it back.

  4. Your are a idiot , cuz you are bashing something that you clearly not know about, Ubuntu is the one that is currently in version 12.10 and Linux( the kernel ) is in 3.8.

  5. Unity should keep the option open to shut down ad support or maybe change the type of search tags (scientific books and scientific articles would be so cool to have in the search at work). I really like Unity since 12.04. I hated the beta version they had for 11.XY, but I am now a fan.

    So long as the problems with Compiz are fixed, I would be so happy that I would remove Windows on this laptop. The frozen screen of doom without even being able to remotely access my session is annoying.

  6. whats is the problem in using 3d resources from your graffic card? if u have it why not use it? if you dont have it you shood because pc without 3d graphic card is from stone age. i think Ubuntu in this point is doing a good job because its time to move on, in future everything will use touchscreen and 3d rendered apps.

  7. My first distro downgrade… 🙁
    The features weren't very useful and there were way too many things crashing; I just can't deal with that many "closed unexpectedly" popups.
    Back to 12.04… I guess that's why it's an LTS :/

  8. Hey I got a question for jupiterbraodcasting…can you guys run STO natively in Ubuntu, or any linux distro..a reliable to play my games in unbuntu is the only reason holding me back on windows 7

  9. it's annoying when people go "uhuh, yeah, oooh, good, yup, oh yeah" while people are talking, dude on the left. staaaaaaap!.

    anyway good show.

  10. Actually depending the hardware, this is simply a matter of tweaking the grub settings. Google "Linux Mint 12 On ASUS Eee PC" — while this may be Eee specific, it indicates that the fix was there all along. 🙂 (I can't link here, sorry)

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