Ubuntu 13.04 vs Ubuntu 12.10 – What’s new?

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  1. That video is a shit! It don't help anyone.
    Nautilus, Libreoffice and Unity can be updated via apt-get;
    You haven't explained what is the fucking differences between the kernel and xorg versions;
    We can use other desktop environments, like Gnome;
    And you don't even said one word to explain ANYTHING! Dude, you are horrible!

  2. could you make a video showing what features are new on 13.04? because, sorry to say that but, versions means absolutely nothing… new kernel usually means better support for new hardware; what is good on new libre office that we cant update with a ppa development release without upgrading for 13.04? so, what advantages we get with 13.04 over 12.10? that is the idea I think..

  3. this comparison seems between Unity of Ubuntu 13.04 and Ubuntu 12.10. What about the Ubuntu self, You've showed only the kernel versions and xor.

    Unity is the worst desktop environment, I recommend Gnome or XFCE

  4. Honestly, as much as I love the idea and functionality of Ubuntu, I have to say Windows is a better operating system. Although Ubuntu has developed a beautiful GUI for their operating system, the programs Ubuntu runs just tends to have different, and generally ugly GUI's. Also, the expensive software available for Windows is not worth the amount of features generally lost when used in wine. Windows 8 takes getting used to like Unity did, and its actually a lovely GUI system.

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