Ubuntu 13.10 VS Windows 8: Boot Up and Shutdown with a Corsair Force LS 3 SSD

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Boot Up and Shutdown times of Ubuntu 13.10 versus Windows 8, using a Corsair Force LS 3 SSD!

As far as I know, trim is not setup in ubuntu 13.10 so that could explain the shutdown time.

Both operating systems were installed on the exact same SSD, and had no applications running when shutting them down.

This video does NOT represent the entire community of Linux or Windows users, and certainly doesn’t cover everyone’s hardware experiences. This video simply illustrates what I experience…


  1. My ubuntu13.10 on ssd sata2 boot in 10.32 after kernel and boot optimization. Please can you try to do that on sata3 too? The test made by me are on my site holocube.blogspot for the boot time I have used bootchart

  2. would be nice if you tested on some distro with systemd 🙂 my Samsung EVO 840 SSD makes my Arch come into desktop with ~4 sec .. i dont have displaymanager to steal my time.

    Startup finished in 2.315s (kernel) + 1.014s (userspace) = 3.330s

  3. It's a bit of an unfair measurement, windows doesn't load system tray software on startup like linux. Windows does a clean boot to desktop then starts loading other software, so for example if you had skype installed on both systems it would be enough to notice that.

  4. I got way better performance under Manjaro than under Ubuntu. Also bootup/shutdown is faster. But as Ubuntu might be the mostly used Distro, your comparison is reasonable. Good job, keep doing your videos!

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