Ubuntu 14.04 – How to Install Latest Eclipse, add to Dash, Launcher and Desktop

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Watch this video to learn how to install Eclipse Luna or any version of Eclipse on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or any recent versions of Ubuntu.


Download eclipse tar.gz file. Eg: eclipse-jee-luna-SR1a-linux-gtk.tar.gz

Extract the package in same place

open nautilus as root

gksu nautilus

copy eclipse from Downloads to /opt/ and rename the folder as eclipse-luna.

it will look like /opt/eclipse-luna

open gedit as root from terminal

gksu gedit

type the…


  1. Thanks a lot man!! Explanations are perfect. I just hope you tell the other youtubers following this video to change the parameters for the desktop entry as and when they download the lastest IDE version. Cheers!! 😀
    For Eclipse Mars
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Eclipse Mars Java EE
    Comment=Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
    Exec=/opt/eclipse-mars(depends on the folder name you have set)/eclipse

  2. hey guys i've just installed eclipse mars and dragged it to the dash but as soon as i opened it , i got a message that says i must use a 1.8 JVM . any ideas how to solve the problem.. thanks

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