Ubuntu 14.04 on Microsoft Surface Pro 2

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Ubuntu 14.04 on Microsoft Surface Pro 2


  1. Even though the audio needs some work, I thought you laid out the video well and explained what is important instead of rambling on. I love Ubuntu and I am looking to get a Surface Pro 2 and you answered most of my questions. I also love MS Office since I have been using it in the days of 3.5 Floppy disks. I have been able to get it to work in Mint but not Lubuntu. Thank you for the excellent video. Rock on!

  2. i have a surface pro 2 but i still yhave windows software, is this recomended because i use it to rom and use steam and game etc, ill do alittle schoolwork on it but what would u guys recomend

  3. You know you can tap 3 fingers to use touch controls on windows.. Which IMHO makes linux way more superior to windows on this matter.. And yeah you can tap 3 fingers on OSK as well.. 馃檪

  4. You should consider using Mypaint for hand note taking. It is cross platform, has a lot of options, and with some time invested because of the keyboard accelerators you can really do work quickly – it is also pressure sensitive.

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