Ubuntu 14.04 Review From A Windows User

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  1. Unity SUCKS! BIG TIME! I don't know why did the guys at Canonical thought Linux users wanted a B-grade Mac – that feels like a straight jacket (with minimum reconfigurability – as this video amply demonstrates). And starting from 14.04 they have seriously started to break things. Even the most fundamental things that should work out of the box no longer work correctly. I have always been a KDE user – but with Ubuntu 14.04 – they have broken the control center. Simple display control, touch-pad control etc. – the very basic things – do not show up on the control center. Would fail to set a decent monitor brightness and the WLAN card driver never works! Complete trash this 14.04! I have been a loyal Ubuntu user since 2008 but given their latest product, chucked Ubuntu altogether and switched to Mint – and it works like a charm (typed from a Laptop running Mint 17.03 Rosa).

  2. Linux is from server !
    Ubuntu is sucks ! High GPU 100 % and CPU 100 % just with one page in browser open and my gpu is 70 % – 80 % !!
    I dont know why promote linux !
    Linux is sucks in all point of view !
    Yes , from server is the best choise .. but from home user .. pfff oh my god is sucks !
    No offence but this is the pure trouth !
    Sory my bad english , im from romania !

  3. Installed this today after uninstalling an antivirus on windows killed my keyboard and internet. Could not be happier with my PC. Everything I need/want to do works better on Ubuntu 14 than it ever did on Windows on this system. Wish I had done this years ago.

  4. I am going to dual boot this and Windows 7, I have Ubuntu 14.04 in a virtual machine and it is really slow, does it work better as a Physical Operating System? I am running a laptop that is 4 years old that runs windows 7 fine when it's in the mood for working. As a secondary machine to my Mac Ubuntu would be nice to run.

  5. im running 14.04 and debian wheezy (both custom lxde builds) and they run great. only reason i still use windows is because of FL Studio. i would use unity but my old pcs cant handle it

  6. As a long time linux user, and in fact, all of my home machines are running debian or ubuntu,  I wanted to point out that 8Gig is WAAAYYY more ram that you need for a good experience.   I have one machine with 2Gig of RAM and Ubuntu 14.04 runs great.
    I've had Chrome open with a couple of tabs,  VLC playing a streaming radio station, and GIMP open with a multi-layer image I was working on and still had not touched swap space at all with over 600Meg of mem free.

    Other than that, nicely done vid.  

  7. Unless you love using a command line interface, you won't be able to use Ubuntu. Ubuntu will never replace Windows….unless they make MAJOR changes. I'm running a fairly new system now and Ubuntu runs slow as a slug compared to Win7. It's just not worth the work to debug Ubuntu to get it to where it's performance can match Win7. Add to that the fact that Ubuntu has a huge problem when it comes to running apps that most people use.

  8. I currently run Kubuntu on my laptop, and I find the KDE desktop to be kind of disappointing. It just doesn't look that nice, so recently I have been wanting to give Unity  and GNOME a try. I'll probably test those out on a virtual machine on my desktop. I've also been considering dual-booting my desktop so I can get some more experience with Linux. (Even though it is a gaming rig, it wouldn't hurt to dual boot to play around)

  9. Srsly tho' , can anyone tell me why is it so laggy , i am planing on changing my current Windows 7 Ultimate mostly because I have been a windows user for more than 5 years and windows is kinda boring… your opinion ?

  10. I used an older version of Ubuntu to save my laptop after an older version of Windows on my laptop crashed an I was unable to get the recovery CD to work. Thank you Ubuntu.

    Sadly, I wanted to install it on my PC but it doesn't recognize my USB network. This seems to be a common problem. There was a driver I could have used BUT all I could download was the source code and was told I had to compile it myself. There were 5 steps listed but I could only get the first 3 to work. I finally just gave up.

  11. I want to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7. In the installation, how many GB should I dedicate to Ubuntu? I'm assuming the installation procedure will automatically create a partition for Ubuntu, is that correct?

  12. Thanks for not being a 'Linux snob'.  I've been using Ubuntu since version 9 but still have questions occasionally, but it's often not worth the browbeating on the web.  When I started looking into Linux around 2000, people were more than happy and cool to get the movement out there.  Now, it's all about 'quien es mas macho?' (who is more macho).  Way to kill a paradigm shift!  Maybe these Windows comparisons are just simplified some, but the majority of the PC public are end users, not devops.

  13. I absolutely agree with you on the number of toolbars. Two is just too much. They should merge them into one. The one on the left for me would be enough. And it looks better.

  14. As you say, is this a substitute for XP?
    I think it is. If the later Windows users do not want to change, why hate?
    Just think how easy it was to start with iphone or android. It is actually not more difficult to change to Ubuntu. The problem is that if there are no drivers for your HP printer, if you use Windows you blame HP. If you use Ubuntu, you blame Ubuntu. There are pros and cons with everything.

  15. I am Un-Happy with Windows and Tiered of it!   I use Windows 7 Premium!   So I am looking around!   I have used both Linux and Umbuto!   I find them Both Far More Stable  and Virus Safe than Windows 7!   Like I said, I'm just looking around!   Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.

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