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In this video, I will be comparing Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” and Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon “Rebecca”, the two currently most popular and downloaded Linux distributions in the world.


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  1. Hard to compare. Both have their advantages and I like both :-).
    I'm a user who uses many applications at same time and frequently switch between them.
    Ubuntu gets as more confusing as more windows are opened simultaniosly. In the worst case, the left taskbar overflows.
    Mint (the Cinnamon edition) does a better job there (my opinion). That is the main reason why I prefer it.
    In contrast, ubuntu's Unity desktop is easier to use for computer novices, because it is more intuitive and hard to destroy by accident (you just get what you click on and you need to dig deeper into the system to reach the more dangerous things).
    Most novices don't work with many apps… A browser, a word processor, some multimedia and a few games. That's it. The user can hook up his few everyday apps in the task bar so only one click is needed to run it.
    But that beginner-friendly desktop doesn't constrain the power of the computer. Ubuntu is great in that.
    My grandpa bought a computer that runs Win8. It was too complicated to him and he broke the OS just a few days after. The tale of two different desktops (The tile screen and the regular desktop) is too confusing for novice users. I replaced it by Ubuntu and he is happy with his computer. He said, it is the easiest computer he ever used^. I works since one or two years without any repairing needed.

  2. Jesus people it is pronounced: Yo-seh-meh-tea as in Yosemite Fucking Sam as in Yosemite National Park. Where the hell are people getting this Yosa-might pronunciation from?

  3. I want to see them compare with the same video games, if they get the same performance in the same games, benchmarks and FPS tests in the same games, Overwatch, Witcher, Call of Duty Ghost, Crysis 3, and Battlefield.

  4. I see why some people get mad about talking, talking and talking. And no offense, i appreciate the time that you spent: at least you tried to help.

    But keep in mind that when people watch this kind of reviews, they are expecting to get details about the Difference, and maybe your opinion even if it's very subjective.

    After watching the whole review, i'm… numb. I don't know any more than i knew before i watched the video.

    "Basicaly, both are really customizable and super!" lol But in a review, it's normal to say: "This part of Ubuntu is really annoying and Mint got a better approach about this".

    Is there any version where drivers are easier to find? Does one dist have better way to updates? etc… think about differences, it's the whole point of a comparison

  5. I don't wanna be rude but edit out your coughs

    I'm giving you the criticism because I really liked the content of the video but Im not interested in checking out your channel becuase this video was poorly edited

  6. My laptop is pretty weak. 2GB of ram and it has windows 10. I may be wrong, but I think the heavy memory usage of windows 10 is slowing down my computer. I have used windows for all of my life but I want to switch to linux. Will linux mint help speed up my laptop, and is it a good OS for a first time linux user? If not, what would be a good and light alternative?

  7. Lol i noticed many are wondering what is difference between Mint and Ubuntu. And no one bother to answer on that question. I have made myself an video about LinuxMint there you can see everything no waste time everything you need to know. The main thing you need to know about LinuxMint is that there is no faster distro it have really great stability. I believe that is the best distro. Clean installation gives you all you need. There is live session in case you want to test it. Ubuntu is unstable and yes it looks kinda bit better with all that make up but you can install many addons for LinuxMint if you are looking for IOSX style menu or Windows there are endless options. Tried almost all possible distros so far LinuxMint is no.1 Here is the link for LinuxMint ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TECNUeT_XY …..

  8. you aren't going to believe this. l was thinking about this video l saw about Yosemite and the guy kept saying yo-sem-ite. was thinking about how that guy was an idiot and then you literally said yo-sem-ite less than a second after l said it to myself out loud. how coincidental is that?

  9. The main reason I chose Mint over Ubuntu is because I was coming off Windows and I couldn't stand Ubuntu putting the GUI window controls in the top left. Had to go with Mint putting it in the top right like Windows, just because of muscle memory.

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