Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 Boot Up and Shutdown with a Samsung 840 Evo 120GB SSD

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Boot Up and Shutdown times of Ubuntu 14.04 versus Windows 8, using a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD!

Time line:
0:03 Unboxing of Samsung SSD

No updates, no internet, no GPU driver
2:20 Ubuntu boot up
2:50 Windows boot up
3:07 Comparing times
3:22 Ubuntu shutdown
3:35 Windows shutdown
3:50 Comparing times

Updated, GPU drivers installed
4:00 Ubuntu boot up
4:32 Windows boot up
4:43 Comparing times
4:55 Ubuntu shutdown
5:10 Windows shutdown
5:24 Comparing times
5:32 Conclusion

5:54 end of test,…


  1. LOL linux vs win8… XDD no way, If you want a really professional system you have to use linux. Win8 just know how to Suspend the system and not to shutdown, this will cause many instability in the system, and you will need to format many many times…

  2. But Windows loads drivers after being on the desktop.
    Ubuntu loads them before loginscreen.
    So till windows load the driver fully it takes maybe 3-4 Seconds longer.
    Also Windows probably took more time to configure the updates, while shutdown and again while starting.
    In Ubuntu you probably used the shutdown/start right after updating, so Ubuntu had to configure the updates while starting/shutdown and windows didn't.

  3. Man , this is not real. GO in windows 8 or 10 and in settings set your POWER BUTTON to TORN OFF insted to go in hibernation , you will see that the windows will be slower.
    Microsoft copy the ideea of SWAP from Linux world and implemeted in the new versions of windows, and every time you shut off the system it will put the system in hibernation insted off shut the system off. This is bad for ppl that install windows on leptops, because it will use the battery in hibernation. Then the system whit windows will boot faster just because is start direct from hibernation insted from a normal power on from zero.

  4. I have this same SSD as my system drive, boots in ~8.3 seconds with UEFI boot mode and GPT partition. My system is running on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with all updates and essential drivers installed. I have my own bootup time videos in my channel.

    Why GPT? Because the older MBR is unable to address storage media capacities higher than 2,199 GB (4,294,967,296 x 512 bytes).

  5. The boot up time on Windows 8 is faster cause he doesn't shutdown but puts the machine in hibernate, i dual booted Windows 8 and Ubuntu and when i want to access Windows partition appears dialogue that says:"Can't mount this drive cause his in hibernate", i can access this if only i restart the system. So consider it. 
    P.S. Look if you enabled trim on SSD;

  6. If you want an actual comparison you need to COMPLETELY TURN OFF WINDOWS 8. If you have fastboot enabled it's the same thing as using standby on ubuntu. In real life windows 8 boots in like a minute with an actual boot.

  7. Comparison with windows 8 is not relevant. Since windows 8.1 and windows 8 are very different (windows 8 vs windows 8.1 ~ windows xp vs windows xp sp3)
    Comparison new shiny ubuntu 14.04 with buggy windows 8 wrong. Although windows all buggys))) But anyway)
    PS.  Sorry for my English!  Google translate))  His fault!

  8. Excellent video! I have sandisk ultra plus 128 with a t400 and consistant boots for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS at about 13 seconds and on the internet under 20 seconds. Ill never buy windows again!. W8 was torture to setup and trial. Hated every moment of it!

  9. Realy nice video but there is only one thing that you might have missed.when installing windows on a ssd if you have achi enabled trim is automaticaly turned on in most cases.although with linux if i am not mistaken a coniguration file has to be edited in order to enable trim.with trim dissabled in linux you are looking at a impact in preformance.i sudgest if trim was not enabled simply enable it and redo a video with trim enabled in order to see the diference.
    Maybe ubuntu is faster with trim enaed.

  10. You pretty much nailed my main issue with windows 8.  At first it feels great, then progressively the performance just got worse and worse.  Especially going from 8 to 8.1, the start up and shutdown times for me were very long, upwards of 3 minutes.

  11. You also got to consider this: windows has a fast boot up time yea, but it takes so long to be even able to use the computer it's crazy. For me it'll boot up and I got to sit there for a while before it's even usable

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