Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 : Borderlands 2 Native

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A short video checking out the recently released Borderlands 2 running on both Ubuntu and Windows, both natively thanks to Aspyr. Currently, the Pre-Sequel is in development, so future improvements may take some time.

On both the Ubuntu and Windows side, I am using the NVIDIA 340 series drivers. Thus, discrepancies there should be minimal.

I was surprised to see another great port from Aspyr. I will admit that the Linux port still has some major hiccups with FPS performance here and there,…


  1. Due to Borderlands 2's use of OpenGL on Linux systems, performance drops are frequent than in DirectX 9 on Windows. Complex and bad drivers lead to driver overhead and cross-vendor unpredictability. Unreal Engine 3's smoothed 22-62 FPS caps the FPS to 62.

  2. How the fuck could t you edit the videos and sync them at least on certain points like where you actually click load or end of a cut scene… Learn how to edit moron

  3. Has someone got better eyes than me, I don't see any difference, visually, at all in this comparison between W8 and Ubunto?
     What difference does 10 fps make?.
     If numbers is your thing I guess it matters, but visually it doesn't make a diff really.

  4. MY borderlands 2 is really under-performing on my Ubuntu 14.04. It runs sooooo much better on Windows 8.1   From what I understand, it because I haven't gotten the hang of Linux and must not have setting for my gpu driver right. PLEASE HELP

  5. A very nice comparison video.

    First, we noticed screen-tearing in the Linux build as well. Hence no vsync either.
    Second, the color definition in your video seems to have more contrast on the Linux build over Windows. We noticed the same thing here in our gameplay.

    Overall you have to admit, the game functionality of the #Borderlands2 port is if FAR better than #TheWitcher2.

  6. I'm not surprised at all, seeing as its UE3 game. Hopefully native support in UE4 will finally let us play at consistent 60 FPS in more games. On my 770 frame rate drops to 28-30 in most extreme cases. But with no vsync can go as high as 120,  Over all Aspyr  released a solid port.

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