Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 8 : Counter Strike Global Offensive with a GTX 680

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A short video checking out the recently released Counter Strike Global Offensive running on both Ubuntu and Windows, both natively thanks to Valve!

Please note that it is well known that the Linux port still under performs compared to Windows, so this video is really just to see how big that difference is or isn’t.

On both the Ubuntu and Windows side, I am using the NVIDIA 340 series drivers. Thus, discrepancies there should be minimal.

I was surprised to see CSGO able to uphold 120++…


  1. nvidia in linux? omg linux hates nvidia and in 2014, more is problem in drivers in linux but in linux counter and more games work incredibly in amd 🙂

    sorry for my very bad english :)))))))))

  2. Not a fan of Ubuntu and the unity DE.
    How's the performance on Arch linux distros like Manjaro? Any difference?

    Also I notice this video is quite old. Has the performance on linux any better now?

  3. Linux has a very light RAM usage but not all windows software is well optimised in wine/ when ported to linux which is a shame really since linux can be a big os player when it is treated right.

  4. Hi Penguin, I have a GTX 1060 and I'm using 375.26 as your Doom 2016 videos but I get freezes in CS:GO and Cities Skylike a lot. It always comes back but it freezes a lot and is not smooth. Do you know why can this be happening?

  5. hablo español y talvez puedas traducir yo juego cs en ubuntu en este caso xubuntu y realmente si no tienes un monitores de 144 hz no sirve mucho que en windows halla una diferencia en 80 o 90 fps , con los fps que va tu cs son mas que bien ademas a la configuracion que usas exige mucho y si la bajas vas mas que bien

  6. Ubuntu is a shitty OS. A properly set up ArchLinux build runs this game way faster than Windows 8.

    When Valve talks about porting over to Linux, they're not talking about shitty Ubuntu. Those benchmarks are from real distros.

  7. correct me if im wrong but i believe the frame drops on ubuntu have to do with the fact that opengl is normally more demanding than directx run any benchmark on windows and switch from direct x to opengl and watch the frame drop. i wounder if you can do this test with csgo in opengl on windows.

  8. You say in the video that 60 FPS is enough on a 60 Hz monitor, but keep in mind that input lag is still reduced by a higher framerate making the game slightly more responsive. It's also nice to go 20 FPS or so above your monitor's refresh rate to make sure that any framerate dips still stay above it (and it's clear that the GTX 680 is more than capable of this on Linux).

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