Ubuntu 14.10 vs Windows 7 : Counter Strike Global Offensive GTX 980

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My third benchmark is Counter Strike Global Offensive, still getting used to doing benchmarks so please give me as much feedback as possible ­čÖé

Didn’t enable the max FPS to be over 300 but it seems it wasn’t needed. Looked like Windows would have exceeded 300 fps a couple of times but Linux could only get close.

I intend on upgrading both of my operating systems soon to 15.04 and Windows 8.1

Used Nvidia drivers 346.47 on Linux and 347.88 on…


  1. I tested on Linux Mint 17.2 with a GTX 760 and Intel Core2Quad Q6600 (not a really good processor)…
    When I moved to Linux and tested CSGO, I managed to get more 30-40 fps on Linux than on Windows 8.1… even with better graphics on Linux…. I had everything on low in Windows, and 60-80 fps… meanwhile on Linux with some settings on high, I had 90-100 fps
    Really surprised with these numbers.

  2. +Jakejw93 why is CS coming brighter in Linux? is the monitor brightness tweaked up more or is it Game difference? I can see in Windows it is kind of dark and gloomy like,whereas it is few notches brighter in all Linux flavors?

  3. Many of the games could be optimized for Debian rather than an Ubuntu OS. It could also be that there is a recomended propriatary driver version for Nvidia that optimizes gameplay. Or it just could be bugs and part of the process of development. I think they're just working out the kinks.

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