Ubuntu 14.10 vs Windows 7 : Left 4 Dead 2 GTX 980

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My second benchmark is Left 4 dead 2, still getting used to doing benchmarks so please give me as much feedback as possible 🙂

Linux does fairly well here edging Windows out for little bits until I attract a horde, that’s when stuff gets interesting.

I intend on upgrading both of my operating systems soon to 15.04 and Windows 8.1

Used Nvidia drivers 346.47 on Linux and 347.88 on Windows

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  1. Set fps_max to "1000" and redo the test, it might result in greater and more noticeable differences. In valve's tests the fps cap was released and that's why they stated that linux version comes out on top. (yeah, yeah, it doesn't matter in real life, but hey! It's benchmark.)

  2. Do you know if there's a way I can make SLI work in Ubuntu?
    I have 2 gt980 cards, but my monitor only goes up to 80fps.
    I'm using the latest nvidia beta driver from the edger PPA, but still no luck.
    I do get better framerate when I turn SLI off though.
    Being you're a gamer and all, I was thinking you might have some insightful news on this one 🙂

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