Ubuntu 14.10 vs Windows 7 : The Witcher 2 GTX 980 (UBERSAMPLING ON)

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As Rugaliz mentioned in the comments, ubersampling EATS all the frames possible, I intend on doing another test with Ubersampling off. I didn’t realise it ubersampling that ate away at all the frames, this is my bad, sorry guys!


My fourth benchmark is The Witcher 2, still getting used to doing benchmarks so please give me as much feedback as possible 🙂

Bit harder to bench as…


  1. Might be a bit dumb of a question but why did you benchmark this at windowed mode? Assuming that tw2 implements real fullscreen (damn those unity games), playing that way wouldn't require the desktop environment to be rendered as well.

    Since both systems use different desktop environments, capturing fullscreen gameplay would be a bit fairer, unless the point is to demonstrate the performance a user would get while gaming at windowed mode on whichever of the two systems.

    Thanks for uploading another great benchmark video 🙂

  2. I have an fx8350 and a 970, to get playable frame rates or better ones just turn uber sampling and motion blur off. Runs above 45 fps just about all the time.

  3. it would be a better comparison if you had ubersampling turned off. that feature has a big impact on performance and it probably halves the frame rate on both OSs

  4. Thanks for the video. I find it disappointing, that an i7 and 980 can't run it at 60. I wanted to buy a 960 and pair it with i5-4460. But after seeing this it looks like I'll be stuck at 30fps…

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