Ubuntu 14.10 vs Windows 7 : Unigine Heaven Benchmark GTX 980

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Comparison of the Unigine Heaven engine on Ubuntu 14.10 up against Windows 7.

This is my first benchmark so I was going into the unknown so definitely have a lot of room to improve. Will be doing more of these as the GTX 980 is one of the best GPU’s on the market so will be interesting to see.

This is one of the fairest tests as both operating systems are using OpenGL.

I intend on upgrading both of my operating systems soon to 15.04 and Windows…


  1. I have the Asus GTX-980 and your score is less than half of my 70.2fps and score of 1768 min fps was 23 and max fps was 155 so you should try this again as the drivers have improved maybe that's the reason for the low score.

  2. Great video, I just switched from radeonsi to nvidia after getting my gtx970.
    I'm sad for mesa but it's the only sane choice right now :/

    Those benchmarks were recorded on the same monitor one after another, right? I mean, literally the very same one?
    Is it the room's lightning that's changed or is the windows' colour scheme a bit deeper?

  3. Excellent video. I've gotten very similar results where Windows is ahead of Linux on the Heaven benchmark across the GTX 660, AMD 290x, and GTX 780.

    Suggestions? Not really except don't bump the cam, J/k. 😀

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