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In this video I will be going over and comparing the recently updated and incredibly popular Linux distribution Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet” with the newly updated and historic Debian 8 “Jessie”

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  1. Look, I don't want to troll on your video or hijack your comment section but I feel this needs to be said for your benefit. You need to learn a little more about systems, filesystems, data measurements, and a whole lot more about the Linux ecosystem before you put out another video. You're obviously not a regular Linux user as you ran both Ubuntu and Debian in VirtBox on Windows so it's pretty hard to accept your opinion on either distro. You're tripping and stumbling over things like Systemd versus Upstart and most other concepts below the environment level. I respect your desire to put your hat in the Linux ring but I could actually respect what you had to say about it if you were full time Linux user with experience enough to even have an informed and developed opinion of any distribution.

    Again – I don't mean to insult or discourage you from doing videos on Linux distributions, but rather to encourage you to jump full time into Linux so you can sound more like someone who KNOWS about what you're saying rather than someone who read about it just before making a video. It's much more valuable to the community to pass experienced knowledge than to recite bullet points from an article.

  2. With Ubuntu i had 2-3 Bugs on my Machines (PC and Laptop), with Debian everything was running well, no bugs, everything worked out of the Box 🙂

  3. Once again I am considering using linux for the 5 time in my life, and just looking at this video I find myself scratching my head. Not for nothing windows looks better, is more user friendly, and still has a larger software library.
    The user interface for both of these variants of Linux sucks, look at it for yourself. Have you ever tried to format a word document in libre office? It's a joke the formatting is out the door & jacked up. I feel like linux is more geared for security applications at a command based level, however with user interface it's a mess it's geared for a fanbase of like the commodore era.

  4. wow I can't believe the amount of toxic vitriol you get for using windows. My main OS is Jessie, but I try to stay away from online Linux communities because of shit they spew at anyone who disagrees, or even follows a slightly different path to them. Your videos are great and very informative.

  5. Running Debian for desktop and everything else to ARM computers ( raspberry pi ) to embedded systems. Debian rocks everything pretty good though. Can't say that for other distro's. Very very stable and now also user friendly. 🙂 How can any other distro beat that? Can't.

  6. Please, but please, but please… distinguish megabits from megabytes. You are doing a good video, not the worst comparison (although it lacks some more pro stuff) while saying "512 megabits like you could have with Debian 7". Don't be nerd, be an IT… And don't whistle as it's not professional at all too 😉

  7. Remember people, these videos are NOT performance test. They are comparisons going over the features and differences of the distributions which is why using a virtual environment in Windows is a logical solution.

  8. Debian seems more stable as a daily OS. It starts up and closes faster than Ubuntu. Also features like sleep, hibernate and even screensaver work well out of the box. With Ubuntu you have to do some research (hit and miss) in order to have those basic stuff work which can be frustrating for the average consumer.

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