Ubuntu 15.04 vs Mac OS X El Capitan vs Windows 10 (UI Comparison)

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A video Comparing the user interface of Ubuntu , Mac And Windows 10.
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  1. You have to admit, OSX does look very good. This is what I miss in most Linux distros – most of them look ugly. Mint is probably the best option for those who look for consistency and stability, but it looks like it's been spewed from 2000. Elementary OS tries to look better but still pales in comparison to Windows or OSX. There are some very good looking distros out there but most of them are either amateur made projects with no serious backing so its risky to use them, or they are buggy as hell. Thats my main complaint with linux

  2. Here's my opinion.

    If you do graphic design, video editing, or gaming, Windows is the best
    If you need speed and productivity, Mac is the best
    If you value security, privacy, freedom, and programs that will get the job done, Linux
    If all you do is browse online, Chrome OS

  3. You show Linux and Mac somewhat stretched or like squeezed and Windows 10 in optimum resolution and expect us to feel that its better. I would say Mac > Linux > Windows. But wait, Linux is free.

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