Ubuntu 15.04 VS Windows 10 Pro : CSGO Benchmark with an R9 390

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This video’s focus for the benchmark and review are solely on the performance of AMD’s driver with the native versions of Counter Strike Global Offensive on Ubuntu and Windows.

fps_max was set to 1000 and V-Sync disabled so that no artificial limit was put on the frames that could be achieved per second.

1. Intro 0:00
2. Benchmark Results 1:18
3. Side-by-side comparison (Max settings) 2:06
3. Summary 3:10

The following AMD drivers were used:
Windows 10 Pro with Catalyst…


  1. Kinda weird that windows 10 fps jumps all over the place but if we launch csgo on windows 7 it would just stay at 300 most of the time so i think its because of all the unnecessary services in windows 10

  2. How do you set cpu governor to performance? I have a 970 card and most of the time I'm at 200-300 fps but I constantly get big drops and some stutters which is very annoying when playing at higher ranks. Would cpu governor to performance help me you think? Also my mouse feels like there is a small delay, not as rapid as on windows. Looking around fast feels the same as on windows, but clicking/shooting feels like it's 0.5 ms behind or something, just a liiiiittle delay. I have raw input on btw.

  3. Hey could you please let me know when they remove the D3D9>ToGL and make it just OpenGL only for csgo? I very much appreciate your videos and if you would ever want/need some extra Linux benchmarks or anything I would gladly give you frame rates/etc from my system for you to use in your videos, and give you all the information I can. My specs i5 (4460), gtx 960 (4gb), 8gb ram, 750watt psu, Xubuntu 15.10/windows10.

  4. I know you've done the CSGO comparisons to death at this point, but since your viewers seem to really like it, I might take a look at a new workshop map available for CSGO specifically made as a benchmark.

    Since you already did such a good job here using a demo file (and making it available), it won't likely get any wildly different results, but loading up a custom map will be easier for your viewers, especially those not familiar with the Source engine console.

    The map is called "FPS Benchmark" by a guy named "uLLeticaL". I'd probably make one video explaining the map and then just showing graphs of all of the cards you have between Linux and Windows. That way it'll just be easier for people to load it up and judge how their system will fair under Linux if they're still on the fence.

  5. THIS OR GTX 970? I Want something to last me the next 4 years atleast and it's one or the other. I play games like CSGO (I'm global lel) BF4 GTA 5 SWBF and Fallout 4 I know nvidia fucked up fallout4 for amd people but I want to know if AMD will release a driver to fix this issue. THANK YOU!

  6. hello man, good video subbed instant. have a question, what do you thing im going tu buy a new pc what u think is better? using a r9 390 or gtx 970? using an amd 8x4gh prozesser not sure of the name atm and 16 gb ram ddr3 with asus mainboard. what do u thing wich gpu better for cs go? 390 or 970?

  7. if you aks me this like comparing windows 10 on left side and windows xp on right side…. once ubunty get better wine it will overperform and windows will lose os war, but microsoft wanna continue with this bad window relises…sorry for possible bad eng,

  8. no offense but your videos keep kloging up my video selection area when i search how to run csgo on ubuntu and i really freakin hate it. idk if you have a video on how to run csgo on ubuntu but please make one. i hate this right now

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