Ubuntu 15.04 VS Windows 10 Pro : Dota 2 Reborn Benchmark with an AMD R9 390

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This video’s focus for the benchmark and review are solely on the performance of AMD’s driver with the native versions of Dota 2 Reborn on Ubuntu and Windows.

fps_max was set to 1000 and V-Sync disabled so that no artificial limit was put on the frames that could be achieved per second.

1. Intro 0:00
2. Benchmark Results 0:33
3. Side-by-side comparison (Max settings) 1:25
3. Summary 3:52

The following AMD drivers were used:
Windows 10 Pro with Catalyst 15.7
Ubuntu 15.04 with…


  1. i play D2 Reborn on XP x64, I Think win xp best OC for Gaming.
    I Try Play on W7, W8, W10, but xp have better reaction for my Razer Mouse and etc… Cant Last Hit on W7 and above…
    Specs: i5(3.8) 8gb (2133) R9

  2. hi,
    i installed ubuntu 15.10 on my pc my processor is amd a10-5800k installed steam it got installed but when i click on it dosent opens, when i check it in system monitor the process is running but steam isnt open. can you please help me please.
    and form where to download video drivers for ubuntu for my processor?
    is that the problem with ubuntu 15.10 or any other problem?
    thanks in advance…

  3. These tests are possibly not fair. The smoother counter may be due to the software sampling fps and weighing it over an average which would smooth out peaks and drops. while the other software may be giving you raw frame time conversions that clearly makes peaks and drops apparent.

    You should instead launch dota with -console in launch options and use cl_showfps 1. That would be a fair comparison since you can be sure the fps counters logic is identical.

    In CS:GO you can enable the developer console at the bottom of game options, and use the cl_showfps 1 or net_graph 3 for ingame fps counters.

    You should consider at least comparing your fps counters with the in game counters to see if they are averaging differently and giving one side an unfair advantage.

  4. Hello Penguin Recordings. I have a bit of a question here. I am getting a new PC Build for christmas and I want to know which Graphics Cards fit my build and what games I will be playing. I really want to try out Mesa Drivers on a better PC.

    AMD Athlon 860K @ 3.7GHz Stock
    Mini ITX Motherboard with Integ Wifi
    8GB DDR3-1866 RAM

    Should I get an AMD Radeon R7 260X or an AMD Radeon R7 360? Which one is more stable for Mesa Drivers? I'd like to play the following games:
    Rocket League through Wine
    Project Cars through Wine
    Dead Island: Epidemic

    All on a 1366×768 monitor.

  5. I spent days trying to get AMD catalyst to work right and I figured the problem was ME so, I gave up and loaded windows 10.  To hear you say you tried and failed just made my day.  Plus, you told me how to get my system working with Ubuntu – time to remove window 10 and re-install Ubuntu again with MESA this time.  Thank You Very Much!

  6. I would suggest trying linux mint mate, I did a benchmark comparing it to other distros but the mate edition showed better fps than ubuntu and linux mint cinnamon.

  7. It's interesting to see OpenSource vs Windows OpenGL, but we need that OpenSourceCatalyst vs Windows DX. I mean, for me more interesting is how big will be my performance loss, if i go from windows to linux with AMD Radeon card. Thx for ur videos, keep doing this, linux to people)

  8. You should test OpenGL NVIDIA Linux vs OpenGL NVIDIA Windows, since both drivers use the same OpenGL driver with just a thin shim that handles the OS abstraction.

  9. nice video 🙂 and great to see that amd drivers have improved. one thing to note is that your windows framerate counter is updating much faster than glxosd, that might be why it sees more drops.. but that doesnt seem to change the end result

  10. congrats on your new gpu purchase 🙂 . but i have to add , for dota 2, valve might have optimized it extra for their steam os, leaving windows out to dry. more games will shed light on the truth, but i hope steamos wins coz who doesnt like free stuff right ..

  11. In my notebook (With Ubuntu or Lubuntu), every time I install amd drivers, "lightdm login loop" occurs. Means when I login, It won't start GUI, but again returns back to the login screen

  12. I'm actually very happy to see open source drivers ahead compared to Catalyst, and Windows Catalyst especially which isn't complete shit like on Linux. Now if only Wine-Staging can include Gallium Nine.

  13. nice man im glad your uploading more i install Ubuntu 15.04 and i went from a gtx 750 ti to my gtx 580 the gtx 580 its faster because of the bit bandwidth of information my next video card will be an nvidia gtx 980 but not sure if i should keep going with nvidia or radeon i used a radeon video card a long time ago and i was impressed what would you recommend and advice of what i should get.

  14. Well this is more impressive than before an oss driver, can be better at opengl, I found that amazing, also with windows, at less amd oss they are doing a great job. Now they only to expand to all games and support more features to reach same opengl as catalyst.

  15. Wow! The first video I knew was kinda cheesy because Source 2 runs like garbage in DX11 mode. It actually runs faster on DX9. But now this video comes out running OpenGL on both systems, and Ubuntu still wins hands down! On AMD drivers even! It is also worth noting that running DOTA2 on Windows in -gl mode is faster than -dx9 mode (at least in my testing).

    This confirms what we've known all along then. When you optimize games properly on Linux like they already do for Windows, Linux wins hands down. No questions asked. Both on AMD and nVidia.

  16. Good job! 🙂

    Now please:

    1. Benchmark Dota2 Reborn on Windows in DirectX vs OpenGL
    2. Benchmark Dota2 Reborn on Linux with Catalyst 15.7 vs Mesa vs Windows
    (use solution from this topic to install Catalyst 15.7 [ubuntu bug #1479913] )
    3. Benchmark Heroes of Newerth on Linux with OpenGL vs Windows with DX vs Windows with OpenGL
    4. Do the same with Strife.

    ad 4 and 5. If you don't know how benchmark hon or strife look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpEMhs-Dc_k

    Please, please please 😛

  17. In my opinion, the fair thing is to compare the default on windows vs the default on linux. There is no point comparing openGL on windows since no one use it there (but still is good to see how it's the oGL situation on windows).
    Besides, the game was just released on both OS, and since Valve is focused on SteamOS, its normal to assume that it has been more optimized on Linux. So I can't conclude that Linux is superior, lets give it some time until they will optimize it properly on both OS to see what results will come out. But no matter what, its fair to say than this engine runs great on Linux.
    What its great about this video is than Radeonsi is running a lot better than expected.

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