Ubuntu 15.04 VS Windows 10 Pro : Shadow Of Mordor Benchmark on a GTX 680

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This video’s focus for the benchmark and review are solely on the performance of Nvidia’s driver with the native versions of Shadow Of Mordor on Ubuntu and Windows.

I am using the latest NVIDIA drivers.
Windows 10 Pro with 353.62
Ubuntu 15.04 with 352.30

1. Intro 0:00
2. Benchmark Results 0:46
3. Side-by-side comparison 2:00
3. Summary 2:50

I used the presets for the game, both the Lowest and Ultra settings are exactly the same on both platforms except for the Order Independent…


  1. Well you didn't test with AMD. I'm sure I surpass you with my R9 390. In Windows 10 on Ultra, the benchmark hardly deviates from 60fps, peaking around 95fps. I don't have Ubuntu for comparison but maybe someone else has similar specs?

  2. Personally i take benchmarks like this with a huge grain of salt, because they really don't benchmark the OS, they benchmark the implementation of games on the OS. If you had a game made to target both (instead of being ported) at the same time (using libraries and things common), then the performance comparison under the OS's would be more apt. Those who use such a benchmark as a sign of how things are for linux (in terms of how OS's made with it work with gaming, cause i know some people do that) are slightly misinformed as to why that is the case for linux.

    Overall though, I like this video, as it was a good showcase of the state of Feral's port vs the native windows version. For other's who want to see the OS themselves, look at video's that showcase OS specific things (like resource management, OS related features, and load times) as performance in games aren't so limited by OS factors, but other things (like implementation with api's, quality of ports, etc)

  3. Man I'm a linux user and lover myself, but we have to be honest. This performance is just shitty. We can't accept such insult. You just pay attention to the max fps but that's irrelevant. What matters is the average, and we are waaaaaay behind on that. I don't really care about reaching a peak of fps if the framerate is unstable or much slower than on win. We deserve more AAA titles, but… srly, I'd prefer an eON wrapper on this one if we could get closer to the windows fps. This is not anymore about native, open source or freedom, we are talking about gaming products.

  4. I just got my ubuntu 15.10 installed. I am new to ubuntu, anyway just to keep the conversation short lemme say this here that "I am glad to see people uploading videos for ubuntu gaming". Thanks. Keep up the good work and best of luck for future.

  5. A 17 FPS difference isn't that bad? Hahahaha gotta love Linux fedora tippers. I think it's alright considering most Linux distros are free but honestly you get what you pay for. Windows is a premium product with a price tag to match.

  6. The get more speed to the linux system, use lighter distro than ubuntu. For examble Debian Stretch Xfce is very fast and stable and kernels from kernel.org works with it. Systemd has some services that slows your machine and that most of home users do not need, for example nfs and autofs4. Also creating custom kernel and removing unneeded drivers and modules and speeding up wait timer from 250Hz to 300Hz speeds up. You can also play with 1000Hz and use faster dekstop sheduler.

    Wine-staging games gets more fps by using these flags when starting a game:
    Similar process speed up you can use also with native linux games.

  7. I'm sad because I want to see games running great on Linux so I can ditch Microsoft but 17 fps difference under 60fps is a big deal to me. Practically the only thing I do is play league. I don't mind switching to Dota 2 but I would like to play some AAA games ya know. But you get the chicken and the egg scenario. Why would people work to make games better on Linux without a fan base and why would there be a fan base without the games working well. I'm torn. Do I bite the bullet and take the drop in performance and hope eventually things will get better?

  8. I've been using Linux for years and have it installed in all my businesses. The same apps certainly DON'T run faster in Linux. It's a fallacy about the ram and CPU usage being lower, thereby resulting in better perf. Many of the apps are sadly written in java and performance sucks. Try Libre calc vs Ms Excel. Couple seconds vs instant..Then I have Serious Sam 3. Windows kills my Linux version ;(. And ss3 has been out a while. Pity. Fwiw, I use Linux daily. Try just open basic file managers…Windows instant, Linux delay.

  9. Great video! Would've been more interesting to see the differences if you had a more recent video card though. Talking maybe a GTX 980 or at the very least a GTX 970. Either way, having SoM on Linux is a huge win for us Linux gamers. Please keep putting out your videos, I think they do a world of good for those of us that are dedicated to the penguin lol.

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