Ubuntu 15.04 vs Windows 8.1 : Cities Skylines Benchmark with a GTX 680

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With the new release of the grand city sim building game Cities Skylines, let’s see how this latest Unity game runs in Ubuntu and Windows.

Note that this is NOT a frame-for-frame comparison. There is NO benchmark mode for this game, so instead I loaded the same map on each system and manually timed my movements, thus the inconsistencies.

1. Intro 0:00
2. Min Settings benchmark 0:45
3. Max Settings benchmark 2:22
4. Summary 4:00

I run through two scenes, one with a focus on the…


  1. I think you have vertical refresh enabled on Windows.  It stays too close to 60fps; it's obvious the driver is trying to lock to 60Hz frequency.  EDIT:  Sorry, I am an idiot, lol.  You mentioned the frame cap at the very end of the video.  🙂

  2. "Through doing this benchmark, I learned a couple of new things about Unity. First is that, it only supports OpenGL 2.1. This means we are not going to match DX11 optimizations, no matter what we do."

    From where did you get this information? Im curious why Unity only supports such an old OpenGL version… :/

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