Ubuntu 15.04 VS Windows 8.1 : Counter Strike Source Benchmark with a GTX 680

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As requested, here is a quick benchmark look at CSS running on Ubuntu and Windows.

While I have tried to do this as correctly as possible, there may be instances where I made a mistake or said the wrong thing. Please forgive me and correct me, as this video was rushed.

1. Intro 0:00
2. Min Settings benchmark 0:52
3. Max Settings benchmark 3:57
4. Summary 7:22

If you’re interested in running through the same scenes, here is the .dem file I…


  1. Yeah windows is better for having a rediculous frame rate that you cant tell over 120 fps over…..while ubuntu also has just as rediculously high framerate…..how about we say both linux and windows gets 140 fps =/

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