Ubuntu 15.04 vs Windows 8.1 : Team Fortress 2 benchmark with a GTX 680

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As requested, here is a benchmark look at Team Fortress 2 running on Ubuntu and Windows.

My apologies to those in the past who requested this multiple times, and I did not deliver. I did try, but would also encounter something that would prevent me from successfully completing this benchmark (whether technical or not).

1. Intro 0:00
2. Min Settings benchmark 0:43
3. Max Settings benchmark 5:50
4. Summary 10.57

Nvidia 349.12 was used on Ubuntu, whilst Nvidia 347.88 was used on…


  1. The steam overlay (shift-tab) has a fps counter built in, no need to use an external application. Using the same system to measure fps on both systems would reduce inconsistencies(although it is very small).

  2. Hey, I would recommend using the "timedemo" command so you can see which is better more easily.

    TF2 has also received some optimization updates since this video launched.

  3. These are really weird results. Well I have mostly max settings (only difference is 4x MSAA and "high" textures rather than "very high"), and it gets about 5 less FPS than on my windows build on Mint. However it drops FAR less. I'm definitely going to play this on linux from now on

  4. How is CPU utilization in Ubuntu? I'm thinking of moving my home PC over to Linux, but I have a Intel Core2 Quad Q8300, so I am a little CPU limited in my machine, and I can notice that quite often in Windows 10.

  5. Is it possible, DX gets higher rates at still images (few objects) than GL ( which is maybe saving GPU power) but when there is a lot of objects to process, GL has a higher rate than DX under the load?

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