Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Customization Guide & Unity Tweak Tool Tutorial // Ubuntu 16.04 Tips

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In this video I walk you through some of the ways you can customize Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for appearance settings and using the Unity Tweak Tool, which can be downloaded from the Ubuntu Software app.
I have more detailed, individual tips video in the Ubuntu 16.04 tips & tricks playlist.

Download Ubuntu 16.04:

Ubuntu 16.04 Tips Playlist:

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  1. Adam, this video was very helpful. Thanks. It got me through a problem I had been having with my Unity Tweak Tool. I do have to say, that damn cat running around the screen is annoying as sh1t. Sorry, man… Joe

  2. i installed ubuntu.. and using it first time..
    my monitor resolution is 1600×900
    and settings>displays>resolution option shows only two options (1024×768 and 800×600)

    how to set it at 1600×900 ??

  3. hi! I just downloaded Ubuntu but I messed with scale in the display menu and now everything ia too big to do anything so I was wondering if there is a way to fix it. thanks in advance

  4. I've seen enough to give it a five star video.. explanation is clear. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.5 only because I either can't or don't fully know how to tweak the 16.04.x like i can in 14.04.X. The tweaks in 16.04 are super but not enough to get me to upgrade right now couple with the fact my computer runs an ATI graphics and I have seen or heard somewhere bout the issue ATI have with the 16.04…

    Issues I don't have in 14.04.x

  5. whats the programm called where you can install desktop "widgets" and much more customization for the desktop.. somethink like "raindrop" or "Drop.." pls help i forgott the name and cant find it out. thx 😉

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