Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – See What’s New

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus officially released by canonical. This release brings many changes and improvements. Powered by long-term supported Linux kernel 4.4, Unity as default desktop update to version 7.4, allowing users to moving the Unity Launcher to the bottom. Features option to ‘Always Show’ app menus in menu bar or locally, Add Session shortcuts to unity dash, replace ubuntu software center with GNOME software and more…

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  1. Installed it and deleted it a day later. Here is the 'deal breaker list' with 16.04.3, Supermicro X11SSM-F and a RX 560:

    – va-api ain't working AT ALL (not in vlc and not in firefox)
    – smartmontools (v6.5) ain't working with nvme drive
    – no rgb color space, only ycbcr with amd polaris amdgpu pro driver and normal amdgpu driver
    – feels overall slow and sluggish
    – high memory footprint
    – weird firefox high cpu issues (turned out that was google…)

    There was a lot more weird shit but those are the most annoying. I went with Fedora 26, which is working nicely. Only drawback is the limited OpenCL support with the amdgpu driver. The amdgpu pro driver isn't going to work on Fedora 26.

  2. Un cordial Saludos.
    Sres. Linux

    Instale totalmente Ubuntu 16.04 en mi equipo con una de Ram 2 GiB y procesador de 2, GiB, les escribo para solicitarle de su colaboración para que me indiquen como podría instalar un programa para flashear y actualizar (androide, Iphone y Blackberry). Claro la forma correcta de instalarlo en mi sistema operativo y como se debería utilizar el mismo.

    Agradezco de ante mano su colaboración y pronta ayuda.

  3. Well, i'm moving on my laptop (IBM ThinkPad/Lenovo T60) from Edubntu to the regular flavor, Ubuntu. I'm very happy to finally use Linux. The laptop was running Windows 7 Home Premuim. Then i upgraded to Windows 10. THEN i started useing Edubntu 14.04 LTS. And now i download a copy of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. But before i install it, I must try it on VirtalBox. and Ubuntu rus faster on a Core(TM) 2 than Windows 10. i hope for Ubuntu to be with us for a very long time. Good luck, Ubuntu

  4. Incrível muito bom , estou fazendo o download agora neste momento em meu pc , vou criar um boot em meu pendrive para instalação , sempre que eu poder irei contribuir uma renda de apoio , ubuntu é show 👏👏👏👍

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