Ubuntu 16.04 VS Windows 10 : Dawn Of War 2 Retribution on a GTX 1070

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In this video, I take a more thorough look at the Linux port of Dawn Of War 2 Retribution from a technical and performance aspect.

Timeline links:
1. Intro 0:00
2. AMD ATi removed 0:36
3. Graphical Settings options 0:47
4. CPU and RAM usage 0:56
5. Image quality 1:15
6. Side-by-side ULTRA 1080p 1:27
7. Graphs 2:23
8. Side-by-side Ultra 720p 3:23
9. Summary pros and cons 3:26

I used the following Nvidia drivers throughout this video, unless specified otherwise:
Ubuntu with 370.28


  1. nice review. Thanks for your investment. Because of you i am ready to give linux a good try when i'll change my computer. Could you please do the comparaison (of FPS + turn speed) windows/linux for the coming civilization 6 (end of the month).
    again, thank you for your contribution.

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