Ubuntu 16.04 VS Windows 10 : Total War Warhammer Benchmark on a GTX 1070 (OpenGL vs DX12)

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In this video, I take a focused look at the Linux port of Total War Warhammer from a technical and performance aspect.

Timeline links:
1. Intro 0:00
2. AMD Gaming Evolved 0:12
3. CPU and RAM usage 0:22
4. Loading times 0:39
5. Graphics settings 0:55
6. Side-by-side Ultra DX12vOGL4 1080p 1:04
7. Side-by-side Ultra DX11vOGL4 1080p 1:40
8. Side-by-side Ultra DX11vDX12 1080p 2:16
9. Graphs 2:52
10. Frametime 3:03
11. Driver graph 3:13
13. Summary 3:19

I used the following Nvidia drivers…


  1. The reason why Direct X 11 is better than Direct X 12 is simply that its been there for a while and gets worked on more often sort of like a growing database compared to Direct X 12 which is fairly new and also or a new concept and will likely get better than Direct X 11 and Microsoft will eventually abandon Direct X 11 like they usually do with all other previous versions

  2. heyyy i hope u can help me, i have a mac of mid-2011 with 8 gb of ram, i used virtualbox and created a new windoes 7 -64bit version and install the game warhammer. but the problem is that it doesnt open, it crashes or i dont know, i gave 4gb of ram to the virtual version and keep 4 in the real computer.
    i dont know what is the problem, please help me!!!!! i really want to play it!!!

  3. Nvidia DX12/Vulkan performance is trash and also the games are not really written for DX12/Vulkan. You actually need competent programmers to get better performance from the new APIs, this is the idea behind these "closer to the metal" APIs. For example Doom which is a good implementation of Vulkan AMD get's over 35% increased performance while nvidia has the same or even worse. Nvidia still hasn't implemented hardware asynchronous shaders into their GPUs..

  4. Looks pretty solid to me, too bad I don't enjoy strategy games.
    Still, I liked the battle you had in the previous video. I was ready to make some popcorn but then you won the battle.

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