Ubuntu 17.04 Review – Farewell Unity

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Looking at Ubuntu 17.04 both Unity 7 and Unity 8 desktops. This is likely the last release we will see with Unity as Canonical have cut funding to the project. Ubuntu 18.04 will return to the Gnome desktop.
Ubuntu 17.04 is codenamed Zesty Zapus, it is an interim release and will be supported for nine months.

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  1. Guys, I need your help!! I installed ubuntu but the sound quality is not loud and smooth, will i was using windows it had dolby audio but in ubuntu it's just crappy..the audio is crap can I solve it and make it as good as dolby?

  2. Damn, its been a LONG time since I've payed any attention to linux. And so this comes as a shock, they were SO adamant in pushing unity, but now are going to amandon it, and go back to Gnome. Holy shit!

  3. The one thing I have always love about Unity, was that it gave a unique experience. I've always liked my Linux system to not look like Windows or Mac, but rather have a unique style of it's own. XFCE is classic Windows, KDE is modern Windows, Pantheon is Mac. Unity doesn't quite look nor work like either. Sure, GNOME doesn't look or work like either as well, but is always very slow and unresponsive for me. Rest in Peace Unity, you will be missed…

  4. Ubuntu has been a giant mess since 15.04 in my opinion. I absolutely hated 16.10 because it didn't allow me to download any software and I tried looking up every possible solution. Never got it to work.

  5. They made a mistake to ditch unity for GNOME desktop.

    Unity was a straightforward desktop that anyone can use and convergence was gonna be the new big thing that would surprise the linux community like Android did when no one thought Android would have been able to be better than iOS.

    GNOME currently is very messy and unorthodox. It's a steep learning curve for many linux users… so imagine how unintuitive it will be for new computer users in general or for persons coming from Windows.

    I repeat… dropping unity completely is a big mistake by canonical. They should at least keep unity and allow the option to switch to GNOME at the login, by default.

  6. I'm still pretty astounded that the top comment on this video is attacking the current CEO of Canonical for being a woman (and really, for no other reason–certainly for no valid reason. No facts are brought to the table, just "hurr durr she's a woman, so of course the company has made some missteps. I have no reasons to make you believe this statement, I'm just repeating what every other misogynist thinks!") The free software community can be really jarring sometimes.

  7. No one seems to remember what state Gnome was in when Canonical decided to go with Unity. It was a mess, it was either use legacy Gnome or try to innovate and come up with something new. Gnome3 has matured and it is time to switch back. Unity was better than Gnome3 at the beginning. I switched to Linux Mint when Unity came out(another distro that thought Gnome3 was abysmal and did their own spin on it) so I'm no fan of Unity but I see why Unity was used over Gnome for the first few years.

  8. That's why am going to stick with my be loving Ubuntu 16.10 LTS with more stability and less headache for a normal user not that much hard core usage.

    I did not like gnome that much and hope if I had too use it God Forbidden,, it shall be more light not heavy on a machine.

  9. Yes unity is dead, but it is not using '785 meg of ram'. That is simply not what VIRT is. Its however using about ~34 megabytes of ram. RES is what you want to look at — it is anything occupying physical memory (RAM).

  10. I've spent the last few years getting a couple of old people comfortable on Ubuntu/Unity. I never liked Unity but it seemed to somewhat persistent. Wrong! Seniors don't take to change very well and I am not looking forward to settling them on Gnome.

  11. I know every new release it's easy for one's ears to prick up like a kid on christmas, but I am glad that most of the updates are on the backend. I don't need anything else. Why should they change the way it looks? just bc? That's the one thing I don't understand about the comotion atm – ok so unity 8/mir is failing. fine. but why do they have to go back to gnome? why not continue to update and maintain unity 7(which is good and stable). thanks love your channel quidsup

  12. It seems like, in the Linux world, you have to base your distro on a DE and give it your flavor. It's a never ending hoard of forking, feature dropping, and abandoning.

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