Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark – See What’s New

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Ubuntu 17.10 code named “Artful Aardvark” is the latest release of ubuntu linux distribution. This release come with the latest GNOME desktop 3.26 as default desktop environment, powered by the latest linux kernel 4.13 series, which means that it offers support for the latest hardware components available on the market.

Wayland is now used as default display server in Ubuntu 17.10 instead of X11, but you can still use X.Org Server by selecting “Ubuntu on Xorg” option from the login…


  1. You get so much features and programs and you have the freedom to do with whatever you like to. And cost nothing , except the Privacy issue, is non of your business Ubuntu!

  2. Just like any other gnome desktop. Whats new? Yeah Ubuntu as a operating system is great, but the desktop now looks the same as 10 other linux based operating systems. The thing Ubuntu developers could have done(or the whole Linux community as a whole) was to make an alternative desktop which had a modernUI feeling rather than rounded bumped java swing ui like featured. They look ugly in modern times. Everyone prefers exactly flat, shadowless ui with good, smooth effects.

  3. Too many idiots couldn't see the advantages of Unity. Now it's relegated to obscurity.
    I'm not looking forward to spending the hours it takes to setup Gnome how I want it. Unity just works & is minimal out of the box. Getting a global menu working properly on Gnome is just a horrible experience.

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