Ubuntu 17.10 artful Aardvark! Take a Look at New Features

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Read in detail about Ubuntu 17.10 features here :
Ubuntu 17.10 is going to be releases soon. Considering that Ubuntu is moving away from Unity. You’ll see plenty of new features in Ubuntu 17.10, specially visual changes as GNOME 3.26 becomes the default.
Under the hood, Ubuntu 17.10 uses Wayland display server now, GDM becomes the default Display Manager and we will see Linux Kernel 4.13.
How do you find the new features in Ubuntu 17.10? Do…


  1. i like ubuntu 17.10 but it is piece of shit, ITS UP TO 17 AND STILL STUCK ON KERNAL 4.1.2 and being it is still stuck on that worthless kernal, trying to figure out why my HP PAVILION A1328X kept freezing every so often and the screen would start flickering and i could not do nothing but reset. I updated the KERNAL TO 4.8 and now it doesn't freeze or nothing it runs very well. Why the hell is this stupid distro 17.10 still stuck on KERNAL 4.1,2?? its not only garbage but it locks my pcs up IT should be up kernal version 4.8 NOT ON THE ANCIENT 4.1.2 no wonder i had so much trouble getting it to work right..

  2. That "subtle" (but not at all subtle) aardvark looks like SUCH an awkward afterthought which some developer commissioned their 15 year old niece into creating, and they just slapped it in thinking it looks "arty". No, it looks hideous.

  3. Please forward to me the link to this distros free download, even the latest version 18 whichever comes up first
    You can either reply here or just forward it straight to my email add, drchifamba@gmail.com
    Currently using Linux Mint Cinnamon 17, quite a disappointment

  4. I'm using 17.10 beta2, with Cinnamon, and that works really well for me. I use the plank dock, which is in the middle at the bottom, where it belongs ergonomically and aesthetically.

  5. I only tested Beta2 version last week for 1-2 hours with a few app installations. What Ive seen so far, it felt so much faster, and much more responsive, than Unity, if finaly version will work like this, and they wont screw it up, Im considering giving ubuntu a chance again on my laptop 😀

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