UBUNTU 17.10 : GNOME IS BACK! {Unity Gone}

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Hello Everyone! In todays video, we will check out the Ubuntu’s latest version i.e 17.10. This year October release of Ubuntu is special as it is the first release since 2010 with Gnome as the default Desktop Environment.

Mark Shuttleworth, Owner of Canonical, announced in April this year, that they have decided to leave Unity project, the convergence and replace the DE Unity with Gnome.

So, in this video, we will look at the new Gnome DE of Ubuntu and do a quick comparison with…


  1. Good video! I am kinda new to Linux, even though I occasionaly use Debian Gnome and KDE. I would like to know what is the best Linux distribution for me.
    I am interested on interactivity, usual student apps and work-friendly, efficient programs.

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