Ubuntu 17.10 Linux OS Review: Gnome Shell Awesome!

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Join me in my Ubuntu 17.10 Review. Unity is gone, and Gnome shell is the default desktop! But how does it function? What about the Linux software and how does it stack up against competing Linux OS?

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  1. Nice review, just can't get used to not having 'Applications' 'Places' System' on the panel. Seems counter productive to have to click on search and type in and then select, when before access was only 2 clicks. At the moment Zorin is working for me.

  2. I wanted to try the Pop icons, but can't install the icon theme due to this error: /var/cache/apt/archives/pop-icon-theme_1.1.13_all.deb
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    Great video.

  3. Still using Unity because neither Gnome nor KDE Plasma work with my quad monitor configuration 🙁
    And even Unity need manual intervention in form of a hand written ˜/.config/monitors.xml

    I also had to buy a new graphics card as a Radeon HD7850 does not work anymore. It gets into an endless monitor autoconfiguration loop. This must get better in the future. Oh and yeah, neither a dual AMD or Nvidia graphics card setup worked as well with a quad monitor config.

  4. I really hated 17.10 at first, it would always hang on shutdown. Did some digging and found that there is an issue with kernel it comes with. I updated the kernel to 4.13.9 and it fixed it. I think this a decent first effort from Ubuntu with Gnome, but there is room for improvement especially in regard to the Gnome extensions.

  5. The top bar is such a waste of space, and Gnome gives a very limited and incomplete group of settings to change the appearance of the UI. While there may be a small few great feature Gnome provides (and I'm not convinced there is any unique killer feature), the poor UI choices everywhere else really kill the user experience.

  6. i installed this the other day and i am enjoying it so far, however i am having an issue where gparted and synaptic package manager wont launch. i suspect this may be a wayland issue. have you had any issues with these programs? if so, how did u fix them?

  7. i hate what ubuntu has done to gnome, i like the gnome desktop and ubuntu has made it ugly. I found the rest of the system to be buggy and unstable and i have had a horrible time trying to get my bluetooth mouse to work on my laptop, the bluetooth applications that are included in the release are terrible and do not work properly if at all.

  8. I love Ubuntu. I had a resource issue that I worked around. "UNITY" I use an old emachine, yes I do not have alot of money. Anyway I tried Ubuntu-Gnome and could not get it to install and when I did the video card would crash sooner or later. Well I got so excited Ubuntu with a Gnome look. Well I have the same problems I had with Ubuntu-Gnome. So I now use Ubuntu-Mate, and I can do anything my heart wants. And Mate is so customizable. I can make it look like almost any Desktop I want. It is so hard to mess up. I use old themes, new themes, this is so cool! Why can't UBUNTU-"Canonical" get this, the way the MATE team does? Broke my heart!

  9. Speaking on the lack of customization options… Ubuntu (or Canonical if you prefer) has never been known for offering a lot of customization options for their desktops, at least since they went with Unity some years ago. You could search for tools like Unity Tweak, and various others, but Canonical's default offering has always been sparse when it comes to being able to set things up exactly as you would want to. I'm not surprised that they went the same route in their implementation of GNOME. In fact, I've always thought that Unity looked and acted like a stripped down version of GNOME 3, but that's just my opinion. I think they do this to keep things simple for those who are coming from Windows, or who just don't know that much about computers. Ubuntu is known for being the most common distro that Linux newcomers often use. Having said all of that, there are other options in the 'buntu series. Kubuntu offers the most options in terms of customization, and there's MATE for rock solid reliability. Personally, there are better distros out there, both for beginners and Linux veterans alike. I'm not even sure if Ubuntu is as relevant as it once was, given that even the hardware manufacturers that ship with Linux are starting to steer away from Ubuntu. Librem is going with something based more closely on Debian, and I saw a company called Station X that was shipping a laptop with Manjaro of all things. And of course, there's KDE's SlimBook. Anyway, it's a nice try on Ubuntu's part, but I don't see anything that's a game changer.

  10. I'm sorry, but Gnome Shell is hideous. It is a usability nightmare, and will repel new Linux users. Those who like Gnome Shell keep saying "but… but… but… there's an extension for that!". Try telling that to a new user, and then watch them struggle searching for, and trying to install, extensions. Complete fail. Thank goodness for Kubuntu!

    KDE Plasma – keeping the desktop environment sane 🙂

  11. I don't think Gnome is there design-wise and in user experience.
    It's clunky, it has invasive design and flat out bad ideas. At least Ubuntu guys got rid of tray icons on the bottom left (!). And there is the awful titlebar+top bar look (and no, Pixel saver is not acceptable patch, in regards to user experience and design).
    It's a chore to do a simple thing such as changing the theme. I had themes installed throgh package manager, bur I still needed and extension… And when I installed the extension the themes I had installed were uninstallled. It's literally the first time I had packages uninstalled on me without any warning (!). Right now I changed the theme and icons, and sometimes still the window buttons keep reverting to ambience… I know it's hard to develop these things, but how does stuff like that happen in version 3 of an application that widely used?
    I have experience with WM without DEs (openbox, i3, dwm) and right now I think they're less frustrating to deal with. I'm back to Unity for my 'vanilla Linux', and working with WM for day-to-day.
    Gnome is not there yet for me. Sorry for the rant.

  12. Thank you for the review. I like this release, my system with AMD FX 6300, Nvidia 730GT and 8 GB works well except as you mention Synaptic Manager did not start. Overall a fine release.

  13. I would like to say something here..Unity never installed the tweak tool by default so Gnome (G-Nome) are basically doing the same thing. Secondly the Gnome extension page is not limited by Firefox this can also be done in Chrome and I think Chromium you have just got to add the extension to Chrome from the app store. This is how Sabayon run Gnome..I hate Firefox with a vengeance as it's slow and doesn't work with dark themes (yes you can add a fix which is pants) well and having to add more extensions is a pain in the butt. And finally if you like the unity DE your best bet would be Ubuntu Mate (oohhbuntu not U-Buntu it's a African word) as it has the best version of Unity inc the HUD and global menus

  14. Well done video A.J. As a die-hard Plasma user, I can appreciate the effort and importance of this release for the flagship Ubuntu offering, especially heading into the next LTS. If I had to niggle a bit I would suggest making a video that comes in at a total time that's less than it would be to install the OS 😉

  15. To me the Gnome Tweak Tool not being installed is exactly the same as the Compiz Config Manager not being installed by default. The advanced user will know to install it and the rest will likely not need it. If you're putting this in front of a brand new user, they aren't likely looking to mess with the fonts. This doesn't seem any different than where Unity was in 17.04.

  16. I just installed it this morning and so far i'm very impressed. I can access my network drive out of the box, it even picked up my brother printer over the network and set it up! Something i did not expect.

  17. I am dd-ing the official release to a flash drive while I watch this video. I'm not a big Gnome fan or intermediate releases either, but I want to check out the implementation of Gnome in out-of-the-box Ubuntu. Nice review as always.

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