Ubuntu 17.10: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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In this review of Ubuntu 17.10, I will show you what, in my opinion, is good, bad and ugly about Ubuntu Artful Aardvark.

I have installed it on my hardware last Thursday when it was released. I tested it for almost a week and now I would like to share with you my thoughts on Ubuntu 17.10.

I am not going to show you everything that is new with this Ubuntu release. There are already many YouTube videos on this topic, and you can also find all this information in the release notes.

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  1. 02:03 How retard are you son? "I also think that this is good because this layout is strongly associated with Ubuntu distro"

    No!!! It's bloody not!

    Unless of course you started using Ubuntu few years ago.

    But THERE ARE STILL FEW OF US AROUND THAT USED Ubuntu since the days of 4.10 and those of us who remember GNOME being "strongly associated with DEBIAN and GNOME" .
    Before talking nonsense DO YOUR RESEARCH YOU MUPPET.

  2. Ubuntu is #1 system how ever still has bugs on this one. Some of the softwares does not work like UFW and Clamtk and Bleach bit . and Wireless? Other wise i love it so much . Now i have forced to use Linux Mint sorry.

  3. I keep getting the input/output when trying to install on a virtual machine. I tried to redownload but i still keep getting the same error!

  4. Wayland is far from usable currently. I can't record my screen. I can't use global hotkeys of any type. I can't use bash scripts to setup and configure my display or start wayland from a tty environment. In general, onscreen keyboards don't work properly. Voice recognition / dictations don't work properly. Applications and windows simply can't interact with eachother or the larger system on whole, and advanced features and customizability are not something that the Wayland team cares about. It's Wayland's way or the highway, and you'd better be happy just pointy-clicky clicking everything. The entire reason I use Linux is because I have choice, freedom, and a low-friction environment / ecosystem where programs and tools can be used in conjunction with one another and configured and adapted, and Wayland kills all of that by its very design, all because of big-idea, misguided conceptions of "security." /rant

  5. after installing the 17.10 I got so confused with a little bug in copy and past, it's still there but I learned to cope with it. after the installation I change to KDE, the bug still there. I changed to Unity, the annoying bug still there. Yesterday I returned to the system as it was meant to be Ubuntu 17.10 with Gnome, during the re-installation working with it, I come to realize how great it is. I had a policy never to update, but always do a new installation for the new versions and clean out my disk at the same time, and the problem was there, my confusion with a new system and not knowing where, or why something didn't function as I expected. I think Ubuntu do a great job, Mazel tov! … now you can get the flaw with cut and past working!

  6. I think there is time for Ubuntu team to try spherical, 3D animated, gamified desktop now, possibly with AR and IoT. There is, nomen omen, Unity3D game engine. That would be a natural step in system development, something new and interesting in this boring desktop World.

  7. It's too late to comment but yes I was using Ubuntu16.04LTS still. Now I was thinking to upgrade to 17.10 but met with horrible changes like controls, UI and all. Controls has been shifted to right that is fine. Control+tab is also worst. I just need to ask should I opt for 17.10 or just stick to it???

  8. Ubuntu can go fuck itself!!! The wifi on it quite working on Firefox and chrome yet my virtual machine with windows xp on it on the ubuntu install works fine on wifi and other distros running through a vm don't work either so my laptops wifi chip works fine. Fuck Linux!!

  9. I would like to deal with Fedora more than that. I am good with the Gnome desktop, and I have felt that the more polished and add on's like those kill performance and make it actually harder to circle navigate to where you want to be. Fedora is more easy in the command line and is usually very stable. I could never tll a new user to Linux to use this now. I would tell them to go get Linux Mint Cinnamon edition.

  10. Is this version really as bad as what people are claiming it to be?
    Visually, it looks a bit better than the previous versions. The only thing I really dislike is that Gnome app drawer looking thing.

  11. Setting up keyboard combinations solve most of these 'problems' … and vastly increase productivity. Who cares where some clicky UI elements are when you can just mash whatever keys and avoid the mouse entirely!

  12. for someone who use celeron laptop, I finally give up and now use new Pop_OS from system76 …. Ubuntu 17.10 is beautiful and I love how they use gnome and still make it like unity. but this version tend to hog cpu and memory. My only 4GB really finished very fast by just opeing the firefox browser … that different with Pop_OS that much "lighter". my RAM didin't go full like 17.10 ….

  13. I hate 17.10 compared to 16.4. No global menu is crap. I had to spend a few hours including reinstall to make the top and bottom bars just go away completely because they're useless. I'll either go back to 16.4 or try Mint.

  14. For me is the best Ubuntu.. Came back from mint and I feel I have the ultimate experience…And it's so ridicusly stable and smooth that I still ask my self seriously what the hell has happened haha… Can't w8 for the 18.04.

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