Ubuntu 17.10: What’s New?

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We review Ubuntu 17.10, the latest release of Ubuntu. It brings a huge set of changes, including the latest GNOME Shell desktop by default.

We cover this, and the many other changes you’ll find in this release, in this video.

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You can download Ubuntu 17.10 on October 19 at Ubuntu.com.

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  1. Quick question: Does anybody know a Linux distro without a package manager?
    I would really like to switch to Linux when Windows 7 eventually dies off but I hate package managers.

  2. I am in shock as it appears Ubuntu has stopped ignoring users and listened to them. So glad to see Unity go away and left-side menu buttons. Those points alone warrant upgrade.

  3. I don't know what unity means in Ubuntu, but I've heard about it a lot. I've used the unity game developer programme, but it's probably not that. Over all to me, Ubuntu 17.10 doesn't look too different to Ubuntu 13.04.

  4. "UBUNTU 17.10.01 comes with 9 months of security and maintainace updates ".
    What is meaning of the above line ?
    After 9 months UBUNTU stop working on my desktop OR only the updates of UBUNTU are not available.
    Please help me.

  5. I have tried Ubuntu couple of times. I just can not get over how dreadful the colours are. If there is a way to install a different theme with more pleasing choice, I'd hop on board.

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